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Let’s plan a trip to Rome.

Rome is one of the most visited cities globally. It is famous for the Vatican, ancient buildings with great architecture and Italian food. Rome is an excellent definition of the intertwining of ancient and modern histories. If you are in Rome for work purposes and have a day or two to spare, you might want to see the city’s beauty. It might not be easy to see its full beauty in one day, but with the help of having a Rome private tour, it might be possible to see most of it. Let’s look at a few essential details about Rome that might help plan your trip.


Vatican City

The pope appears at the gathering on Wednesdays and Sundays. On these two days, believers worldwide gather at the Vatican, and therefore it is usually very crowded. Seeing all these people gathered at the Vatican might give you a lifetime experience. However, if you want a tour of the entire Vatican, you might want to avoid visiting it on these two days and the major Christian holidays. To be precise, a great tip would be to get a tour guide who deals with Vatican City.


Appropriate Attire.

Your visit to Rome might include visiting a significant number of churches and mosques. Even during the summer, it is essential to carry a cover-up that might help you cover up your shorts or dress when you get to these worship centers to avoid being asked to leave or being shamed by supervisors. Since Rome has many tourists, it is crucial to go out in comfortable shoes as walking and standing in line will be part of your tour. Museums in Rome probably have air conditioners which might give you a cold even though the outside is scorching hot.


Public transport.

Unlike other countries, where tourists would be afraid to use public transport and prefer cabs, it is safe to use public transport in Rome. All you need is to purchase a public transport map and a regular ticket, and you can have your Rome tour.


Clean Water all through the city

There is no need to keep walking about with bottled water in Rome. There are taps with clean and sweet water to drink all through the city.


Skip the queues.

Most of your visits to places in Rome will involve you spending more time in long queues. The Vatican city and some museums can buy a skip queue ticket to get in at a specific time without waiting in the long queues. The ticket is a unique option to save on time that you can only find in Rome.


No tips in Rome

As we are all used to leaving waiters’ tips and leaving change for them, waiters in Rome are paid a good amount of money, almost more or equivalent to engineers. Leaving a small tip might be offensive to them.


Be safe

Crime is a common occurrence like any big city, and Rome is not an exception. Take care of yourself and your belongings as you have a good time in Rome.


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