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Simple Ways to Safely Book Your Trip

If you are an inexperienced traveler or want some extra security for a family vacation, be aware of common traps that could end up costing you. You’ll improve your chances of staying safe by avoiding community websites such as Craigslist when buying your tickets. Scammers often promise excellent seats at great prices but require an up-front payment which could leave you ticket-less and out a couple hundred bucks.

When browsing various websites on a public server, unsolicited pages may try to get your attention. While legitimate travel businesses do use marketing tools like pop-ups, specials and limited time offers to encourage booking, be aware that enticing links and pop-up pages that offer better deals and bargains may not be as good as they sound. Also, don’t book or edit your trip through public Internet. Public Wi-Fi networks are often a gold mine for hackers and fraudsters. Connect with caution and try using a VPN instead of the airport, hotel or restaurant Wi-Fi.

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