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Hotels in Trincomalee with Best Price and Food and Facilities

As many of you know that Trincomalee is in Sri Lanka, you must also know that Trincomalee and the coast of Trincomalee is a popular place to visit. Throughout history, it has been known as one of the finest ports in the world. Several places are there in Trincomalee which you can visit. There are two popular beaches in Trincomalee – one is Uppuveli Beach and the other is Nilaveli Beach. One of the most important Hindu temples or pilgrimage sites where you can visit is the Konesawram Temple. It is a wonderful place for seeking solace and getting the sacred vibes of the temple.

About Hotels in Trincomalee – 

Trincomalee hotels are also very good. For example, some of the most popular hotels will have breakfast included in their bookings for tourists. Dyke rest is one such popular hotel where you can get breakfast too, but it is a small hotel. Besides that, it provides free Wi-fi and free parking. You can also get beaches there and also there is a restaurant area. The rate of the hotel is very cheap compared to the other hotels. Plus, the cancellation is free, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money when you make any cancelations.

Popular Hotels & Resorts – 

The next popular hotel that you will find in Trincomalee is the- Amaranthe Bay resort, which provides free parking. Then, there is a pool area also where you can swim. Plus, they follow all the safety measures. The rate for booking is high, but not that high, near about 7k and above. Here you can get free cancellation. Also, you can reserve now and pay during the time of your stay. Another best hotel that you will get in Trincomalee is the – Trinco Blu by Cinnamon. Here you will get free wi-fi and parking. You can cancel your booking any time and you will not be charged for the same.

Spacious Junior Suite – 

In Amaranthe Bay resort you will also get a junior suite and that room is really luxurious and spacious and comfortable with beds and sofas, a good bathroom, good wi-fi connection. There you will also get a lovely balcony from where you can see the views of the sky and the place. You will also get a view of the lagoon, plus you can enjoy the jacuzzi too. There is also another resort named – Blue Water Beach Resort which is very comfortable and is well-maintained. Here you can enjoy your stay near the beach.

Conclusion – 

No matter which hotel or resort you choose to stay in, one of the most important things is to see that it has good space, is neat and clean and hygienic and you can enjoy the scenic beauty and views from the hotel area. Plus, you get amenities like free parking, wi-fi, and others like breakfast. Besides that, all of these can be found in the hotels in Trincomalee. The hotels in Trincomalee are very beautiful, neat and clean, and hygienic and have all the facilities that you look for in a hotel. It is a place worth visiting.

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