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Five Reasons To Order a Home Pizza Delivery from The London Pizza Depot in Dagenham

We have all been there. The doorbell rings, and you fall over yourself, pulling on your trousers as quickly as possible so you can greet the pizza delivery person fully dressed.

As you open the door, the rich and heavenly aroma of your cheesy topped hot pizza tantalises your nose and gets your mouth watering in anticipation of sinking your teeth into your tasty treat.

There is nothing better than not having to lift a finger to enjoy a delicious pizza on a Friday night after a busy week at work. But there are even more great reasons to order a home pizza delivery from our friendly team at the London Pizza Depot in Dagenham.

1: You don’t need to dress up to eat pizza

You can enjoy your pizza at home dressed any way you want. Whether you choose to lounge on the sofa in your pyjamas and fluffy bunny slippers or slouch in an armchair in shorts and a t-shirt, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to eat pizza!

2: Zero food preparation required

If the thought of trudging around a supermarket and prepping all the ingredients you need for a meal isn’t an appealing idea after a long day at work, then a pizza delivery from our Dagenham team is the perfect solution! It comes with zero prep work and no need to wait around for your oven to heat up and cook your food.

3: Minimal cleanup

With a pizza delivery from our Dagenham branch, you don’t have to clean up after dinner! You could even eat our delicious pizza straight out of the box if you don’t want to dirty any of your dinner plates – you will get no judgement from us about how you choose to eat your delicious pizza.

4: Please everyone with a pizza

With our extensive range of internationally inspired pizzas, you will be sure to find something on our menu that everyone will love. Our Dagenham team is also happy to tweak your order to suit your needs, so if you want a gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian option, we can do this for you! Don’t forget to grab some tasty sides and sweet desserts to finish your meal perfectly.

5: Create pizza envy on social media

Create a buzz on social media by snapping you and your family or friends happily tucking into one of our delicious pizzas or delectable desserts. While others may be uncomfortably tugging at a tight necktie or trying not to drop the salad from their fork into their lap at a posh restaurant, you can enjoy teasing your friends with clips of you pulling pizza slices and stretching melted cheese with your fingers.

Get the best tasting pizzas in London delivered direct to your door using the freshest and tasty ingredients. Whether you are in the mood for a juicy Ranch Meat Feast or want something lighter in the form of our Sicilian Sunrise topped with creamy mozzarella and sundried tomato, our team in Dagenham have the perfect pizza for you!

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