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Which Dubai Airports Have Play Areas For Children?

Dubai is a busy city and its airports too. Travelers want to get all the comforts during their journey. They need specific amenities during the travel. That’s the reason a great number of passengers book the services of airport lounges.

They expect the Dubai lounge to provide them with all the facilities they need. It becomes tough for you to maintain all the travel requirements if you are traveling with your family. People want everything to be done on time according to their schedule.

Children get bored sometimes if you are traveling to long distance. You have to manage certain activities for your children too during the travel. If you are concerned about the playing zone for your children at Dubai airport, you have approached the perfect blog.

You will be happy to know that now some lounges are offering you a kids zone at Dubai International Airport. Emirates offers you a play area for your children. 

Book the services of their Business or First Class lounge. Spend a relaxing time at these lounges and let your children play in their playing area.

The lounge offers some toys and video games to children. Moreover, children of all ages can enjoy these games in the play area. No need to worry about the time of your children now. The lounge provides you with all the important facilities that your family wants.

Children sometimes get disturbed when they feel bored or if they do not get proper space to play during a long journey. If you often travel to Dubai, then your holidays will be different this time. 

Do not stop to add your next trip to Dubai to your bucket list because you will get all the facilities at the airport.

Don’t worry about the hassle of having your children irritated or bored now. You can easily take your children to spend holidays and make memories for a lifetime in this splendid city. Emirates provides maximum entertainment to children.

They can choose from a hundred cartoon channels of their choice. You can say that here, children get nonstop entertainment. Moreover, during the flight even, your children will get funky headphones. They are designed specifically for their heads.

These headphones are completely comfortable. You can plug these into the personal seatback of your children to let them enjoy TV. They watch their favorite cartoons and become relaxed during the journey. Some children naturally do not like travel.

They cry a lot during the travel if their age is below six years. You can make such children busy in watching cartoons during the travel. Moreover, it is possible for your children to say hello to certain characters that they love. They can choose one for them from Disney classic films.

There are more than 50 films available to watch. We assure you that your travel time will be passed quickly with comfort. Children can now chill listening to the music. They can play different soundtracks of their choice. 

We advise you not to leave your children alone at the airport’s play area if their age is below seven to eight years. It helps you to avoid an uneasy situation. The area of the airport is completely secure, but sometimes children move here and there while playing.

Parents become worried when they don’t find their children with them. You can advise them not to go outside the play area. Moreover, try to keep your necessary accessories at home. For example, if you are going to Dubai to spend the holidays, we advise you not to take accessories to the spot.

The reason is you may lose some items at any time during the hustle and bustle. That’s why it is important to take certain precautionary measures. We hope your travel experience in Dubai this time will be relaxing and awesome.

You can choose to book the Dubai lounge services in advance if you want to guarantee your entry. If you are a traveler of Business or First class, then you can easily access the lounge of Emirates. Some lounges offer entry to all the passengers.

Here, your class of travel is not necessary. But you should have all the important information before booking the services of these lounges. Book the one that offers all the amenities that you require. There is no need to compromise your requirement if you are paying a certain cost.

Moreover, some lounges may give you a discount on membership. Show your membership card to staff if you have it when you enter the lounge.

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