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Essential Gear For Enjoying Outdoor Activities & Water Sports Over Winter

Simply because the cold weather rolls in, bringing with it rainy days and chilly waters, does not mean that outdoor activities and water sports need to be put on hold until the summer returns. In fact, many find the cold weather opens up new opportunities for their adventures, with the invigorating and frigid ocean being the perfect landscape for rejuvenation, while others revel in the dispersal of summer tourism.

To get the most out of the season, however, one must be prepared with an assortment of essential gear. These items will vary in necessity depending on your chosen activity but, if you’re set on enjoying the outdoors during winter, you’ll certainly need to review this list!

Heating Pads & Hand Warmers

There are now available a number of compact and rechargeable heat pads and hand warmers, those that can be carried in a bag or pocket and then used to instantly create a source of lasting warmth. These accessories are incredibly useful for those who explore the outdoors during winter, especially if they plan on jumping into the water, and can help to warm hands and feet quickly, even on an especially chilly day.

Changing Robes

Swimmers might get an unbeatable rush from jumping into the ocean but as soon as they step out of the water it is warmth and dryness that they desire. This is where changing robes come in, being an unrivalled accessory for their usefulness. Changing robes are incredibly versatile, allowing swimmers and surfers to dry off, warm up, and change clothing quickly and conspicuously, without any inhibitions.

Vacuum Flask

Staying warm out on the trail or during a kayaking session is far easier when you have a warm beverage with you, helping the body to regulate its heat from the inside. Vacuum flasks are remarkably well-insulated and ensure that your drink of choice remains ready and warm during your adventure. Additionally, in summer, the same flask will ensure your drinks stay cool too.

Winter Backpack

The backpack you use during summer might not be as appropriate as you think for winter adventuring. There are a number of tools that might be essential for your winter expedition, such as a shovel or snowshoes. These items can be cumbersome to attach or fit within a backpack, which is why there are winter backpacks available, those designed with cold-weather accessories in mind.

Fire Starters

If you are out in the wild during winter, especially with the intention of camping, then you’re certain to need a reliable firestarter. While there are a number available, including those that harness the sun, it is worthwhile purchasing an all-weather firestarter kit to ensure that you’re never without warmth.

Base Layer

Having a reliable and warm base layer is the foundation of good health on a winter’s day, ensuring that you have a consistent and assured level of body heat. Unlike outer layers, underclothing is unlikely to bunch up, ensuring that body heat is retained more effectively. This layer will also help to protect your body against the irritation or pressure of straps and clasps of bags, equipment, and outer layers too.

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