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What Changed in Traveling Via Bus in Mexico?

In the 1970s, John spent a few of his summer season getaways visiting his grandmother in San Miguel de Allende. At that time the roadways were not as practical as they are today, nor was the bus transportation. Roads were not always paved, as well as pits might swallow a small vehicle conveniently. The bus was what you probably have seen in the movies: an old modified school bus stuffed with individuals, screaming children, as well as a couple of goats and chickens. He keeps in mind during one of his impressive 6-hour flights, a child died in his mom’s arms and she wailed for the entire trip back to the world.

Times have transformed and utilizing bus transport between cities in Mexico is incredibly comfy, as well as in some cases easier than taking domestic flights between cities.

San Miguel de Allende today still does not have its own airport terminal, so the only means to reach this vivid community is to fly into Queretaro, Leon, or Mexico City, as well as take a bus.

For the function of this message, I will maintain it easy with bus transportation between Mexico City, as well as Queretaro, but bus traveling is easy all over the nation.

Purchasing a Bus Ticket


Amongst the good features of bus transportation is that you do not have to book your ticket days beforehand. You can walk up to the counter and generally jump on the following bus. Your wait time will be between 20 minutes to an hour depending upon how full they are which is way better than a 3- to 4-hour stopover for a linking trip. ADO are the nicer bus traveling firms. All the bus business has their bus tickets in Mexico in one area for bus traveling.

No Baggage Costs


One more advantage of passing by bus is that there isn’t a baggage charge, even if you have four huge travel suitcases as we had once. Travel luggage will be taken thirty minutes before your bus leaves. The baggage agent will offer you a ticket(s) to assert your bag(s) at the end of the journey, as well as it is normal to tip.

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