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Enhance Your Travel Experience To The Bahamas With Augmented Reality

You can enjoy The Bahamas all year round! The Bahamas is a destinationfilled with history, fun adventures, beautiful beaches, picturesque oceans, and beautiful weather that can help you to de-stress. While you would just love to pack your bags and escape your reality, the responsibilities of life and job make it a tough decision to make. The work done in the IT and Artificial Intelligence sector has led to the development of technology which will really transform the way we travel right from the comfort of our homes..

If you have used an IKEA app to decorate your house or played an AR gaming app, you know how technology works. AR technology is changing reality and technology in varied ways to help you live your vision, at your leisure. This technology can now also help you to explore The Bahamas in Augmented Reality and take a vacation from wherever you are.  If you ever wondered how AR can help you explore places and destinations, then here is a guide that will help you understand better.

Flyer 3D View

With the updates in iOS and Android, the features of these technologies are compatible to support the AR 3D view feature. You can explore The Bahamas from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world. Once you download the app, select a destination and let the exploration begin!

The flyer mode with integrated AR technology will enable users to explore The Bahamas in Augmented Reality. Viewing historical monuments through AR makes the experience so much more thrilling and fun. You will see historical monuments in 3D view. The navigating feature of 360 augmented reality models will allow you to interact with it with just a simple touch. These innovations make the experience extraordinary for people who want to explore art, cafes, culture, and architecture in the Bahamas with special effects and app sounds.

Enhance The Travel Experience

Preparing to travel can be extremely frustrating,as it involves lots of research  by going through many websites to book hotels, tours, explore dining and entertainment options. With AR technology, travel agencies and brands are making the travel experience easier, more convenient, and most importantly,affordable. The Aliv Discover Maps app allows visitors to explore the destination,guide free, with the phone camera view available in the app.

The app will be your guide as you navigate your journey and it will provide suggestions on places to explore, such as restaurants, dining, monuments, and shopping centers while providing users with discounts and rewards. The app allows you to explore the destination 24/7, from anywhere in the world. All your travel plans in one place!

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