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The Six Leading Destination Spots in Spain  

There is little doubt that Spain is one of the top holiday destinations in Europe. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide flock to Spain to enjoy an extended stay in a beach resort property, to work, to retire, or simply for a short holiday. While there are numerous places to see in Spain, some of the best places are those that are less travelled. There are many tried and tested holiday spots in Spain, but while you are in the country, it is highly recommended that you also take time to uncover some of the county’s hidden gems.


Many tourists and visitors to Granada have described the area as something you would only experience in a fairy tale. The city is overlooked by a stunning ancient fortress surrounded by snow-capped peaks and winding cobbled streets. Granada is also the home of one of the most popular attractions in Spain, the Alhambra. This Moorish palace is situated high over the city and contains some of the world’s best-preserved Islamic art and architecture. 


Tenerife offers much more than touristic holiday package deals and stunning beaches. This Canary Island is located off the coast of West Africa and contains many more attractions than what first meets the eye. The landscapes and volcanic peaks are breathtakingly beautiful. Additionally, Mount Teide is Spain’s highest peak and offers unique geological gems.


Alicante is a prime coastal destination in Spain, with many expats choosing to buy property on the Costa Blanca. But many tourists who visit the area fly in and travel to their resort destination without exploring the hidden gems this stunning area offers. While coastal resorts in the area are beautiful, some of the other places which demand attention in this picturesque province include wondrous nature parks and the waterfalls of l’Algar.


As the capital of Catalunya, Barcelona is Spain’s second-largest city and has been an eternal favourite of tourists for decades. For the most part, visitors flock to the area by the stunning Mediterranean location, iconic architecture, and cosmopolitan atmosphere. When visiting Barcelona, a must-see attraction is a trip up Mount Tibidabo for sparkling views. 

The Sagrada Família church, designed by Antoni Gaudí, and many other modernist landmarks dot the city. The Picasso Museum and the Joan Miró Foundation feature modern art by their namesakes.

San Sebastian

This elegant city on the Basque Country coast is the ultimate destination for those who enjoy outstanding food. The pintxo is a Basque version of tapas which usually includes delicious morsels balanced on crusty bread. San Sebastian is a gastronomic calling card for tourists and Spanish alike. The nearby Concha Beach is a beautiful, shell-shaped cove popular with families.


Seville, the bustling capital of Andalusia in southern Spain, is famous for its thriving flamenco culture. Here, guests can enjoy live music in one of the city’s intimate flamenco bars. These bars and restaurants are the closest you can get to experiencing this passionate, dramatic, and melancholy art form. There is a rich cultural history in Seville. You can experience the past via a trip to the Real Alcázar, which is a well-preserved example of Mudéjar architecture.

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