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5 Bali Nature Tourism Destinations with Stunning Views

Bali is known as a tourist area that offers various attractions. There are many famous tourist attractions in Bali among foreign tourists. One of them is Monkey Forest Bali.

Another animal park that is recommended to visit is Safari Park Bali. Tips before visiting Bali, try to list what tourist attractions you want to see so you don’t get overwhelmed by many choices.

Nature Tourism Destinations in Bali

  1. Kuta Beach

It would be best if you visit this iconic place, Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is located approximately 15 minutes from NgurahRai International Airport. Its strategic location makes this beach never empty of tourists.

Kuta Beach is famous as a place to see the sunset. The visitors can enjoy this beautiful view while sitting relaxed on the beach. If you are hungry or thirsty, there are also many cafes and restaurants on the beach that you can visit.

  1. Bali Bird Park

If you visit Bali with your family, Bali Bird Park is a suitable place to visit. With 2 hectares of land, tourists can see various types of birds from Indonesia, South America to Africa.

Here, visitors can also see and feed birds, enjoy attractions, and do other exciting activities. There is also the Komodo Experience which is an attraction to see officers feeding Komodo dragons.

  1. Waterfalls

In addition to tourist attractions that are already popular, there are also many hidden paradises in Bali. One of them is the Tegenungan Waterfall in Kemenuh Village. The natural and clean scenery is the main attraction, especially if enjoyed in the morning.

Tegenungan Waterfall has a high water discharge with a place of falling water flowing under it. Tourists can try swimming or just foot-bathing. For tourists who like photography, this place is the right location to take amazing pictures.

  1. Lake BuyanBedugul

Among tourists, Lake Buyan is a popular tourist spot. This natural lake is formed from a large caldera. You will surely be amazed by this tourist spot’s beauty, so please try to take good photos from the perfect angle.

Besides an exciting photo spot, this lake is also used for camping. However, be careful when visiting this lake because the depth reaches 80 meters.

  1. Hidden Canyon BejiGuwang

Recently, Hidden Canyon BejiGuwang has become famous due to the viral photos on social media. Guwang is a deep valley, narrow, with steep slopes. The cliffs were formed due to river erosion.

Natural destinations in Bali do offer a very distinctive beauty. It is guaranteed that anyone who visits will not regret the charming natural sceneries.

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