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Some of the Best Places for Honeymoon in Croatia

Croatia is one of the perfect places for romance and spending some quality time with your beloved. There are so many things in Croatia to explore that you will love spending your time exploring if you are an explorer or who loves to explore many places. You can also get a Croatian cruise that will take you to some of the best spots where you can enjoy yourself with your beloved. You will get to enjoy the coastal scenery, charming villages that have beautiful cobblestone streets, beautiful cafes, and much more. Some of the delicacies that you will get to taste in the cafes are truffles, oysters, and much more.

Lone Bay Beach

Some of the best places in Croatia are Rovinj, Motovun, Dubrovnik, and many more. If you love cobblestone streets and the houses on the corners, then you can spend some of your time in Rovinj. It is another beautiful place, also known as a fishing town. The beaches in Rovinj are also one of the best places for couples. The Best Honeymoon Spots in Croatia is Lone Bay Beach that is set against the sheltered forest. One of the reasons why couples should choose this beach is because it is one of the best quiet places for couples to spend some quality time.

Rovinj Town 

But before going, you should also check out the seasons in which maximum people are coming out there. You should choose to go on seasons that are suitable and also when there is less crowd. Then, you can enjoy the beauty of the beaches and the town. Rovinj is a fishing town. So, there are chances that there can be a lot of noise and hustle-bustle during the daytime. So, if you want some peaceful hours then you should choose to go to the beaches of Rovinj and explore the places.

St. Euphemia Church & Katarina Island – 

Monte beach is also there, but you would not enjoy it that much over there because it’s just beyond the old town. But there are some good churches like that of Church of st. Euphemia, which you can explore. Katarina Island is another beautiful place that you can visit and explore. Island hotel rooms in Katarina are also good and close to beaches, so you can sit for a cup of coffee and view the beautiful island. Some of the best hotels close to the beaches are the hotel Katarina, Katarina Island in Croatia. This is one of the best places for couples because it’s calm and quiet and also close to the beach, so you walk and apart from that if you want to explore the hustle-bustle of the town then you can visit Rovinj and other places in Croatia.

Cuvi Beach – 

If you love nature activities like walking, cycling, etc. then you will like Cuvi beach. There is also a beautiful villas Rubin resort and you can explore the pine forest and do sunbathing. Lone Bay beach is one of the best places for couples to enjoy their honeymoon. There are shady trees on the beaches where you can rest, then the pristine clear water, and much more to explore.

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