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Overall Highlights of the Covid Test for Passengers –

Molecular test has proven to be very reliable and they achieve high sensitivity. But due to the high cost of test their use is limited on a massive scale. Plus, another thing that you will note is that it takes long to produce the results. So, especially while travelling these tests cannot be done in the airport and besides that it is always better that the person traveling has already done the test before (i.e. recently) and has the report of the PCR test or the Antigen test for travel.

Uncertain Test –

Apart from that, another thing you will notice about the rapid Antigen test is that its effectiveness is uncertain. Molecular testing is one of the preferred options which is done in a clinical setting but these tests are much reliable and it also reduces the risk of misdiagnosis. Molecular test are better options along with the TTTI strategies. However, these all strategies are supposed to be adopted by the government. But still, there are many places where for traveling the antigen test is mandatory and also the molecular test, whether a person is vaccinated or not.

Common Test –

In order to obtain the objectives of the testing strategies A Fit To Fly Covid Test has been implemented combining various technologies and it can be used in a complementary ways. Several methods are there that has been adopted to stop the pandemic and one of the best methods that some countries have adopted are that of testing, tracking, tracing and isolating, also known as TTTI. One such kind of test that is very common is the molecular test or the RT-PCR test. This molecular test has been proven to be a reliable one. Again, it has one kind of a drawback and that is that it is a very costly test, in some countries it may not be that costly, whereas in other countries it is very costly. So, due to this reason their use is limited on a massive scale.

Cheap Covid Test for Passengers –

During the traveling one of the most important things is to do the Covid test. Without which passengers are not allowed to board the flight or travel anywhere including in the stations. Therefore, Covid test of both kinds i.e. the molecular test as well as the antigen test is very important. But one of the most important kinds of test which is prevalent in all the places around the world is the RT-PCR test. The cost of RT-PCR test is very high and this is one of the reasons why people prefer antigen test. One of the reasons for preferring the anti-gen test is that you can get the results more quickly, compared to that of the molecular test. Another thing that you will know about the Antigen test for Travel is that antigen test is cheap and also simple and easy to test. Besides, that it can be performed easily. Apart from all of these, there are many methods that several countries have adopted to stop the pandemic and one such method is the TTTI, i.e. testing, tracking, tracing, and isolation.

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