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Sail Away to Paradise: Unveiling the Ultimate Caribbean Experience with Celebrity Cruises

Venture into the realm of opulence and unforgettable adventures with Celebrity Cruises’ Caribbean Dream Ticket prize draw. An opportunity to win a phenomenal ten-day luxury cruise trip worth over £30,000, the Dream Ticket is a golden ticket for the grandest Caribbean experience. The offer guarantees a fascinating voyage around the Lesser Antilles, enabling travelers to soak in the exquisite beauty of tropical islands such as Antigua, Barbados, and St Kitts. Simply purchase your tickets and let the waves of luck sail you to your dream holiday destination.

Luxury Accommodation with Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises, an award-winning cruise line recognized for its exceptional service, offers unparalleled experiences on the sea. As the heart of your grand Caribbean holiday, the cruise ship embraces its guests in a world of grandeur and comfort. Its Concierge Class Staterooms are emblematic of this luxury, offering premium home comforts, a private infinity veranda, and exclusive concierge services. Your Caribbean home away from home, these staterooms are perfectly designed to mirror the tropical beauty that surrounds them.

Leisure and Entertainment aboard Celebrity Caribbean Cruises

With Celebrity Cruises, the journey is as rewarding as the destination. The cruise line’s leisure facilities are second to none, with spacious sundecks, swimming pools, stylish lounge areas, and gourmet dining options. Entertainment aboard the ship is guaranteed to captivate, with live music, casinos, and thermal spas promising memorable moments at every turn. No matter the destination, the journey aboard Celebrity Cruises is a magnificent adventure in itself.

Luxury Caribbean Accommodation: Concierge Class Staterooms

The Concierge Class Staterooms, an epitome of sea-bound elegance, offer a grandeur that rivals any luxury resort on land. Beyond the comfort of premium home comforts and a private infinity veranda that offers sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea, the staterooms come with exclusive concierge services. Celebrity Cruises have ensured that their guests experience the true meaning of luxury, with a personal touch that makes their Caribbean cruise unforgettable.

Upgrade: AquaClass Stateroom

For those looking to indulge further, the AquaClass Stateroom upgrade offers an extra layer of luxury. Beyond the ample space and breathtaking views, these staterooms come with additional features such as access to the Persian Garden spa, complimentary dining at Blu, and premium fixtures. An upgrade to AquaClass is a step into a world where exclusivity meets comfort, promising a truly outstanding Caribbean cruise experience.

The Picturesque Caribbean Islands of the Lesser Antilles

A journey through the Caribbean islands of the Lesser Antilles is a symphony of unparalleled beauty. Whether it’s the white sand beaches of Barbados, the tropical allure of St Lucia, or the cultural richness of Antigua, each island holds a world of experiences waiting to be discovered. With Celebrity Cruises, travelers can immerse themselves in the tropical paradise of the Caribbean while indulging in the finest comforts available at sea.

Add BOOM-tastic Extras to Your Dream Caribbean Holiday

Celebrity Cruises’ Caribbean Dream Ticket goes beyond the cruise experience, offering its guests a chance to win over £10,000 worth of upgrades for as little as £3.50. These include a pre-cruise stay in Fort Lauderdale, a three-night post-cruise stay in fabulous Miami, and a chance to upgrade the cruise cabin. Moreover, the BOOM-tastic Extras also offer a spending bonanza with up to £1,000 per person up for grabs. For an elevated Caribbean experience, the BOOM-tastic Extras are a must.

Browse Our BOOM-ing Special Offers for Huge Savings

Entering the Caribbean Dream Ticket prize draw isn’t just about the possibility of winning the ultimate Caribbean holiday. It’s also an opportunity to avail of the BOOM-ing special offers, with savings of up to 55% across multiple draws. Participants also have the chance to win other prizes such as bespoke holiday e-gift cards by Prezzee worth up to £250, providing more chances to bring a dream holiday to life.


An opportunity of a lifetime, the Caribbean Dream Ticket prize draw combines the luxury of Celebrity Cruises with the allure of the Caribbean. With top-tier accommodation, unforgettable on-board entertainment, and exclusive upgrades, the draw is an open invitation to indulge in the finest experiences that travel has to offer. So why wait? Dive into the world of lavish cruises and tropical paradises, and make your Caribbean dreams come true with Celebrity Cruises’ Caribbean Dream Ticket.

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