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Hiking Boots: How To Choose A Boot

Being one of the essential equipment for an adventurer, the correct boot will directly influence their performance and comfort during their activities. Seeking to avoid a wrong choice, this article will bring the main features that a boot must-have. Choosing the right boot will bring you more comfort and safety in your activities.

Far beyond performance and comfort, the boot such as Danner work boots suitable for the environment you are in will provide greater security against possible sprains and long-term injuries, so, in addition to the backpack, the boot is equipment that must be chosen with great care.

To choose the best boot option, the main points to be defined are:

What Type Of Terrain Will You Walk On?

Although the boot is a piece of equipment that can be used in different situations and environments, the definition of these points will determine the location and main activity you will carry out and, as a consequence, what characteristics your boot should have.

Based on the type of terrain you will be walking

A more rugged terrain, usually found during trekking, crossing, and approaching high mountains, will ask for a boot:


High-top, to protect you against possible ankle sprains;

Reinforced toe cap to prevent those bumped into stones from hurting your big toe;

More reinforced leather, ensuring firmness in every step.

An excellent example of a boot for these terrains is the Salomon X Ultra Trek GTX® Boot. For the blind to see: The image focuses on the feet of a person wearing a Salomon boot while standing under a wooden bridge.  Rocks and green plants appear in the background.

On the other hand, a terrain that is not very rugged but has stretches with exposed roots and some rocks, usually found during hiking, will also require a sturdy boot that ensures protection but at a lower level. For example, your upper can be medium and softer; this will provide more comfort and lightness to the walk. A great boot option in this style is The North Face Ultra Fastpack Boot.

Another type of terrain is almost uneven, usually found on pilgrimages or hiking on roads. On land with a lot of vegetation, the boot must have good impermeability.

In this situation, you’ll also need a sturdy boot that provides protection, but lightness is essential, so since this type of terrain doesn’t require much of the boot, it doesn’t need to be that super-rugged, “tratorzoon” type. A medium pipe and construction with resistant materials will be enough. The Salomon Outline Boot is an excellent recommendation. If you are looking for a boot to use in the urban environment, look for options recognized for their comfort and lightness, as they already have the resistance to walking in the city. Plus, the design counts too, so choose one that appeals to you visually and matches your look.

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