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Cool beach bags and traveling essentials

When it comes to traveling we get super excited but sometimes we are under prepared. Depending on how long your trip will be, is it essential to pack your bags accordingly? Planning a vacation for a few weeks or just a day at the beach?

Cute Tote bag for the beach 

Let’s talk about cute beach bags that can fit all your beach belongings and other summer haves you need for that vacation. I am sure you already got your bathing suit and pretty summer dresses. So we will get into the other things you may overlook. Two of the things you should also consider when choosing a beach bag is the size and is it waterproof? 

Water Bottle

Always carry a water bottle to stay dehydrated when traveling. Sometimes we forget this and have to make more stops than we need to get water. Also some remote beaches may not have vendors at hand so it’s best to stay prepared for anything. The good thing is most traveling bags have a place for your drinking water bottle. Reusable water bottles are good for the environment and also a money saver. I have a water bottle for almost any occasion. 

Camera and steady hands

If you forget this you may regret it forever, moments you can’t recapture. There are plenty of travel cameras to check out that are available on the market. Although there are plenty of smartphones with exceptional cameras today. So if you are thinking of carrying in less, rid yourself of the camera and be sure to have your smartphone at hand. 

Some item such as hair oil

Hair oils are great for protecting your hair against salty water and the sun. We sometimes forget these small little things that can make all the difference. We would hate going to the beach then having our locks looking dead, dry and ruined after one day out especially if it’s  a long vacation. Although beach waves can look attractive you don’t want to run the risk of damaging your hair. 

Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are going on vacation the chances are you may not find your favorite shampoo or conditioner. I went on vacation some months back and forgot to take my conditioner and my hair was left feeling dry from the location conditioners I had to purchase. I have curly hair and it’s quite sensitive so I need a conditioner that will make it feel moisturized. Also if you are going on a week trip maybe try investing in dry shampoo. These can easily be fit in your traveling bag as you travel around and make your hotel stops. 

Top Sunscreen 

Don’t forget this if you have any plans to enjoy the beach. This is an essential item even if you are not hitting up the beach but in direct sunlight. We sometimes look over these things because of how small they may seem. Choosing the right sunscreen  


These can take up some room so getting thin microfiber ones which are easy to pack. You will save a lot of space with these and you can find them easy online.

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