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Wakatobi, The Lost Paradise In Indonesia: Dive In Its Surreal Waters

This playground is located in the area of Sulawesi,, off the standard tourist route and is known to have the most significant diversity of fish and coral species on earth (750 coral reef species and 942 fish species) and also the 2nd largest barrier reef on earth, right after The Barrier Reef. fantastic, in Australia. Several other small islands are also part of the park, such as Hoga, which is very close to Kaledupa, which provides visitors with a beach paradise! Despite being a national park, it’s not necessary to cover the daily or entry fees to stay there now (at least now). Additional reasons you see whenever possible! The place began to attract tourists a few years ago after a luxury hotel with an airport was built on several Tomia islands.

Nowadays, it is possible to find some easy but comfortable hotels or hotels in the area, apart from homestays! Some tourists who go to Wakatobi are mostly looking for diving spots because of its fantastic location and very full of marine life. But interesting beaches exist!


Wangi-Wangi is the largest of the four islands and also the most developed. Matahora Airport is located there, with only two daily flights. Apart from the sailors who usually give Tomia a taste, Wanci also has many interesting dive sites, serving as Shark Point which is considered one of the best by many men and women who have visited.


Kaledupa is another island after Wangi-Wangi and is available by boat, with daily departures at Wanci hole. Kaledupa also includes a lot of diving factors, but most of the people go straight across the island to the small island just along with Hoga island. In half an hour by boat, you can reach Hoga from Kaledupa. Hoga is an island known for having the most heavenly beaches and also a beautiful place to relax. Despite having a lot of diving factors, the visibility at Hoga is not as good as on the other islands.


Although very few, Tomia is an island visited by tourists because it is called an ideal island for scuba diving. It’s possible to get there after a 2-3 hour boat trip from Wanci. The island doesn’t offer further scuba diving and snorkeling, but we saw beautiful beaches and nearby villages. In addition, what is not left behind in Tomia is a tourist spot with an  stunning views. The practical hospitality industry consists of inns and homestays. However they are well structured.


Binongko is your cheapest island with younger populations.  It’s still quite much from Tomia, as well as the natives of the area barely visit Binongko.  The largest attraction there’s a rock park they say is quite intriguing. 

How is The Way to Get There?

There are many techniques for getting to Wakatobi, and none of them are too simple or cheap. However, I believe it only makes this area more unexplored, and that’s the reason why it’s quite interesting to look at.

Taking a plane to Matahora (WNI), the airport at Wangi-Wangi has the potential to be the most reasonable alternative. But expect a tiring journey along with lots of stops. You can find direct flights in Kendari or even Makassar. We departed from Lion Air and got Bali-Matahora tickets, along with three transits along the way. Much better to buy tickets together as some connections are short (less than 30 minutes). Therefore, if something goes wrong, the airline business must take responsibility.

A convenient and affordable way is to search the aisles on Skyscanner. It reveals all the best flight options, and you can source from anywhere in Indonesia to compare with cheaper alternatives.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Wakatobi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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