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Bodrum To Kos Island

If your plans include a holiday in Bodrum, make a getaway for a few days and stop by Kos Island. Maybe it doesn’t have a fascinating view like Santorini, a crazy nightlife like Mykonos, but there are plenty of cheap shopping opportunities, the opportunity to taste the most delicious Greek dishes and, most importantly, peace. Before going into Kos transportation details, I should first mention that Kos Island requires a visa. If you do not have a green passport, you must have a Schengen visa for Kos Island. If you wish, you can also apply for the Visa at the Door. (I mentioned it in detail below) If you are wondering how to get to Kos Island, which is the first among the Greek Islands close to Bodrum, let’s get started.

How to get to Kos from Bodrum?

You have two options to go from Bodrum to Kos. The first is to take the Bodrum to Kos ferry from Bodrum city center and the other from Turgutreis. It takes about 45 minutes by ferry from Bodrum to Kos. The distance between Turgutreis and Kos is 30 minutes. We preferred to go by ferry departing from Turgutreis D-marin. Kos Island ferry fee is 20 Euros per person round trip. (For return on separate days) 1 person one way round trip price is 17 Euro, same day round trip is 20 Euro. Also you have one more option. You can have Bodrum boat rental service to go to Kos Island.

The ferry departs from Turgutreis Marina at 9.30 and reaches Kos at 10:00. The feeling of being in a different country in half an hour is incredible.

After getting off the ferry, you are likely to encounter an apocalyptic crowd. If you are going during the summer season, you can wait at customs for about 1 hour. When we went in August, we waited in the passport queue for 1 hour due to the fact that only one officer was at the customs. Frequent visitors to the island mentioned that this is generally the case during the summer season. Therefore, if you want to visit Kos Island properly, arrange your trip to stay at least 2 nights, not for a day.


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