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All about ayahusca

The ayahusca plant is a sacred vine which is found in the Amazon regions. It is also known by the name of banisteriopsis caapi or chacruna. The natives of the Amazon use it for special ceremonies and to summon spirits. Reportedly, it is also known to cure certain mental ailments and physical sufferings.  The tribes have shamans who conduct special ceremonies to invoke spirits through sacred chants for consumption of this healing brew. It has also led to a boom in the ayahuasca tourism.

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There are many types of ayahusca centers for the westerners who wish to consume this healing brew. You can find a lot of info on https://dmt.vision/.  This healing drink is prepared by using the banisteropsis caapi stalks and the psychotria viridis leaves. Consuming this spiritual tea has an effect on the brain and mind.  It is also reported to cure many sicknesses and addictions which is the reason there has been worldwide popularity in the ayahuasca tourism. The name ayahausca is derived from the language Quecha where the word “aya” means soul or spirit and the word “huasca” means vine or rope. You can come to know about the ayahuasca retreat 2022 by clicking on this link. It has been proved in studies and surveys that ayahuasca helps in dealing with post traumatic stress disorder, repression of childhood memories, depression, addiction and even physical ailments. The drink is prepared by an experienced shaman who boils the leaves and crushes the stalks. Once the concotion is prepared, more natural ingredients are put in and the liquit is removed. The tea becomes highly concentrated. Then the brew is allowed to cool before it is strained.

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Working with the ayahuasca can be beneficial yet dicey as it can be illegal in some places because of the pschoactive elements which it contains. So, one needs to  touch base with a safe and appropriate ayahuasca retreat which is the reason you need to build the right contact.  Take your time in finding a proper retreat which offers all the modern facilities. You can also enjoy sight seeing the exact locales of Peru, Ecaudor or Brazil. The knowledge of an ethical shaman comes in very useful during the spiritual ceremony.  The singing of sacred chants and smoking of special tobaccaos to cleanse your soul is a part of the ayahuasca tourism which can change your life for the better in the long run.

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