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Top Reasons to visit Essex

Essex is having somewhat of a revival in recent years, with more people choosing to travel and stay in this part of the UK. Here are some top reasons to spend your next holiday in this glorious county!

  1. Coastline

With ‘Staycations’ it becomes more popular than ever, the beaches of Essex make the prospect of a summer in England much more attractive. Essex has a total of five blue flag beaches and 14 beaches have won ‘coastal prizes’, which gives you a lot of options for a day on the beach.

  1. History

Essex has a lot of historical sites and county has several properties and national trusted parks. Colchester, previously known as ‘camulodunum’, is the oldest city in the United Kingdom and was of great importance during Roman times, as it was the first capital of the United Kingdom (see, we told him that Essex was better than London!).

  1. The Countryside

Essex rural is a view to contemplate, offering Walkers Virgin field miles with hills, river routes and forests to take. There are dozens of well-marked routes around the county, which go length from a couple of miles to Essex Way, which is 86 miles long.

  1. Classic English Pubs!

One of the additional benefits of Essex that has so much field is the fact that this also means many field pubs. There are many small hostels sprinkled around the villages and villages in Essex, offering a warm home and high quality beers, with the option of a roasted cracking dinner if you feel stiff.

  1. Activities for Families

Essex has a lot to offer families seeking something to do. In addition to the world-famous Colchester Zoo, we have parks and forests to explore, amusement, springs, trampoline parks, karting tracks, libraries, cinemas, theatres, the list continues! It is almost impossible to spend a day at Essex without finding something fun to enjoy the whole family. Whilst you are here, why not look for caravans for sale Essex, so you can return time and time again!

  1. Shops and Nightlife

Essex has more than his fair share of places to buy, from the shopping center next to the lake to the many farmers markets that operate around the county weekly. Do not forget your reusable bags and your debit card! Essex is home to some of the most known nightclubs and pubs throughout the UK and the people of Essex, is it seriously known how to have fun? It is unusual to find a place that does not have a fantastic atmosphere and many of our cities and cities are unique destinations for people looking for a party night.

  1. Distance to London

While we are not suggesting that London is in any way superior to our county, we understand the need to go occasionally in large smoke, and Essex is perfectly positioned to allow it to do so. Whether to work or pleasure, jump on the train from any of ESSEX well-maintained train stations is a simple task that will take you directly to the heart of the city.

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