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Top Five Questions to ask before hiring an Immigration Consultant

Moving to a new country is life-changing for everyone. During this process, an immigration application is one of the essentialparts. If you decide upon hiring an expert immigration consultant to guide you through the entire process, you must ensure that the person is trustworthy. 

Unfortunately, these days the instances of immigration fraud are on the rise. As a result, many innocent immigration aspirants fall into the trap of fraudsters and end up losing their time, efforts, and money.

To help you take an informed decision while hiring an immigration consultant for Canada or any other country, we have come up with the top five questions you must ask before hiring a consultant.

Are you a licensed immigration consultant?

Every nation has its licensing system for immigration consultants. Thus, you must ensure that the consultant is registered. For instance, in the case of Canada, the advisor must be ICCRC accredited.In addition, he must have a good understanding of the process and be authorized to provide credible immigration consultancy services.

Are you practicing for a long time?

While most Canadian immigration consultants have an in-depth knowledge about immigration laws, policies, and processes, the years of experience still make a massive difference to his ability to handyour case file. Thus, it would help to askyour consultant how long he has been into immigration consultancy services.

Are you experienced enough in handling cases similar to mine?

Each immigration applicant is different; therefore, a consultant must be capable enough to handle cases with a unique approach. For instance, if you have a concern like a study gap, medical issue, etc., you should ask your immigration consultant if he is experienced enough to workupon such cases.

How much do you charge for consultancy, and what are the terms & conditions?

Before starting with the process, you must ask about the charges involved. For example, you must ask how much their consultancy fee is, any associated charges, and the payment mode. You must go through the terms and conditionsas well and understand their refund policy.

Will you provide me a written contract?

An immigration consultant must provide you a written contract to explain the services and the charges involved. 

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