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Some Quick Facts About the Food on a Cruise Ship and Their Room Service

One of the most common questions, that many people have when they book or when booking a cruise is that, whether food is included in the fare or do they have to pay extra for that. So, the answer to this is that cruise fares will always include food, i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But not all the locations that offer food will be complimentary. The cruise ship buffet and the main dining room are always included in the cruise fare. Also, there can be some specialty items that cost extra. Many of the sit-down or upscale specialty restaurants will incur an extra fee, i.e., la carte pricing per item or a flat cover charge or fee. Many of the casual extra spots are free, while some may demand a nominal fee. But prices are marked at every venue.

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Dining Options on Cruises:

When people cruise book they also have some queries like what type of dining options are there on a cruise ship. Especially for inexperienced travellers’, one of the important things that people should know about the various kinds of cruise ships is that they offer a wide range of on-board restaurants and dining options. In most cases, the bigger ships will have a plethora of options, but even the small ships have more than one food hub. In general, cruise ships will consist of a main dining room and a sitting area from which you can order from a menu of various international choices. It can be American or Continental. On the cruise ship, you will find large banquet-style restaurants, which have a dress code that is obligatory for the dinner, and where you will have to share a table with another fellow passenger.

Themed Restaurants on Cruise Ships

After cruise booking, you will find that many ships will also have a buffet restaurant near the pool, and in that setting, the dress is more casual. Besides that, the passengers prepare their own food. Several ships are there, which also consist of specialty restaurants and venues that are small with more tables for 2. So, the cruise restaurants are more themed, like a steakhouse, an Italian trattoria, a French bistro, Japanese sushi, and so on. Apart from that, more casual alternative areas that are outdoors are like outdoor grills, hot dog stands, pizzerias, BBQ spots, or bakeries. For the passengers who have booked a suite room or spa cabin, some of the ships have exclusive dining venues too.

Room Services on Cruise:

Another common query that folks have when booking a cruise is, “Is there any kind of chamber/cabin service available?” In major cruise lines, the food is delivered to the cabin of the passenger 24×7. Mostly, the room service menu will have a sumptuous continental breakfast, and on some cruise lines, you can even get some hot items for an extra charge. Besides that, an all-day menu of salads, pizza, sandwiches, a few hot items, including appetizers, and dessert are available. Room service is most commonly provided free of charge, but some cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean or Norwegian, will charge a per-order fee, including for mid-night orders. Other cruise lines, like Princess Cruises, will charge for pizza delivery.

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