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Searching for the best Chinese restaurants in Mumbai? Refer to the following list

Chinese is a popular cuisine and has always been a favourite among various people for its light yet flavourful taste. A plate of chili chicken or dim sums with a bowl of rice noodles cooked in delectable sauces has been a much-loved meal among people for years. Although Chinese delicacies can be found in several parts of the cities and countries, Mumbai is essentially one of the best places that also serve delicious Chinese food. Apart from the Marathi dishes that are readily available in the eateries here, Mumbai also has numerous eateries that serve the best Chinese from all over India and worldwide. So, if you are a new visitor in this city or want to try something different apart from the Marathi dishes, you can always opt for the Chinese cuisine for a palette change. You can book your hotel from the famous hotels in Mumbai and plan a comforting stay to savour the best Chinese at your own pace. That being said, the following are the top Chinese food joints in Mumbai according to me, where you can visit for a fulfilling meal. 

Kuai Kitchen

Kuai Kitchen at Fort Colaba is one of those restaurants where you can indulge in delicious Chinese food without burning a hole in your pocket. Although the items are moderately priced, Kuai Kitchen ensures to provide good quality food at any cost. The decor here is a thoughtfully curated one and consists of wall graffiti adorning its interiors. Besides, it also has bright lighting on the inside that will enliven your senses with its beauty. For appetizers, they serve some of the best dishes in town such as crowd favourites chicken and cheese momos, crispy chilli baby corn every and cream of mushroom soup. All these items are prepared with finesse and you can come here on any day of the week for quick refreshments.

Royal China

Royal China is an authentic Chinese eatery in Mumbai, located near the Victoria Terminus. If you are looking for good quality Chinese food at affordable rates, Royal China will surely live up to your expectations. Royal China, besides Chinese, also serves a choice of seafood dishes which will surely make a lasting impression on you. Reaching this place is not much of a problem since it has a strategic location and therefore is quite easy to locate. If you come here during the weekends, do not forget to try sweet and sour pork, lamb with black pepper and crispy pan-fried noodles with chicken bean sauce. All these Chinese delicacies are too good and will leave you in awe with their taste.  


Mainland China

We are all somewhat familiar with the name of this Chinese restaurant. It has multiple outlets in the country and is immensely popular for serving some of the best Chinese in town. The Mumbai outlet is located in Powai and is easily accessible via public transport. If you are someone who loves the buffet system, do not miss out on Mainland China’s lunch buffets organised on a weekly basis. They have the best menu and we are sure you will have a fulfilling meal here at your lunchtime. If you don’t want to indulge in the buffet system, you can order from their wide range of dishes from the a la carte menu and savour your favourite dish for as long as you desire. While here, do not forget to try their crispy chilli corn pepper, exotic vegetables in black pepper sauce and vegetable noodles as they will surely linger on your taste buds for a long time.  


Hakkasan in West Bandra is an upscale, elite diner that promises an experience worth remembering. For those who are into the lavish decor, good ambience and quality food, this place has it all to quench your needs. Prior booking is mandatory if you are aiming to visit Hakkasan during the weekends. There is a separate seating area for larger groups and also has good management that takes care to see that you dine without any hassles. While here, you must try their specialities such as crispy duck rolls, pan and stir-fried noodles and vegetable chop suey. Besides, you can also savour their mandarin sorbet, mascarpone cheesecake, truffle pudding and the dark chocolate mousse to end your meal on a sweet note. 

Gypsy Chinese

The Gypsy Chinese is a dim-lit, well decorated Chinese restaurant in Shivaji Park, Dadar in Mumbai. This one is a moderately priced eatery and serves mouthwatering Chinese at reasonable prices. It is not as extravagant as the top-notch, upscale restaurants in the city. But you will certainly get a homely feeling once you enter the restaurant. Their chicken fried rice, schezwan chicken, pan-fried Noodles and Chinese chop suey are the best in town and you cannot afford to skip these dishes on your food tour. It is a well-known restaurant in Mumbai and you can easily visit here as several hotels are located nearby this eatery. 

So, these are five of the best restaurants in the city where you can gorge on delicious Chinese dishes and experience the best of Chinese delicacies that the Mumbai restaurants have to offer.  


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