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Menorca – Explore the island & enjoy your stay!

Summer is without a doubt the best season for visiting Menorca, as you can enjoy the sunny weather but the sea breeze also helps to control the temperature. This means that the best time to visit is between June and September, so you can rent a car in Menorca Airport and discover the island’s coves and beaches

Menorca was designated as a Natural Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in the 1990s, in recognition of its high coordination of economic development and expenditure, as well as the heritage and landscape preserved in exceptional quality. It has a very rich and traditional rural landscape with an extremely diverse Mediterranean habitat and is home to rare species of flora and fauna, some of which are on the verge of extinction. The island’s climate ensures that, despite the peak tourist season from May to October (peak from July to September), winters are still pleasantly warm, and thanks to Menorca’s UNESCO biosphere designation, almonds in spring The Splendid Flower Reserve is dedicated to preserving its natural landscape. Species such as the mysterious pine marten, tortoises and peregrine falcons thrive in Barrank’s gorges, spread across five beautiful parks and numerous conservation areas across the island. Due its relatively diminutive size, hiring a car and exploring the island is easy by just googling rent a car menorca from your hotel room.

Is it worth renting a car on this small island?

It takes under an hour to drive from east to west, while it’s not exactly that to go from the rust red north coast to the heavenly white seashores of the south. Toss in the way that it has a public transport network which punches impressively over its weight regarding inclusion and availability for guests, and it would be not difficult to imagine that there’s no advantage to booking a vehicle employ in Menorca Despite the fact that it is possible to get around by open transportation, bicycle or taxi in Menorca, the vehicle is most certainly the choice that offers more opportunity of development. Not every person can or needs to arrive at the island by boat, so in summer there are a huge number of individuals who need to lease a vehicle.

Assuming you are intending to visit the best seashores and to move around the island, you ought to definitely lease a vehicle. The scenes all around Menorca are absolutely sensational and definitely worth seeing.

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