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Essential Travel Insurance Tips for Indians Visiting Vietnam: Dos and Don’ts!

Vietnam is an Asian country, and like other Asian countries, it is filled with rich history, culture, colours, and landscapes. One would be ecstatic and overwhelmed at the same time to visit such a country for the first time. 

For first-time international travellers, it is more demanding due to a lack of experience. What rules to follow when in Vietnam? Easy! Read your travel insurance policy properly! 

Your travel policy is not mandatory or legally necessary, but is it helpful? Yes! While travelling to Vietnam, you must have international travel insurance for Vietnam. 

The bustling streets of Do Nang and the scenic beauty of the Sapa countryside are amazing. Still, they won’t provide financial compensation in the event of your baggage loss, medical emergency, or passport loss. Your travel insurance in Vietnam will financially support you and secure your journey due to its features and coverage. 

If you travel, you should do so with a peaceful mind and enjoy every bit. That is how you are going to have an unforgettable trip. And for a peaceful mind, you need travel insurance. Let us talk about Vietnam travel insurance and tips regarding the same.

Importance of Vietnam Travel Insurance

A comprehensive travel policy will financially protect you from any kind of loss and damage you suffer from at the time of your visit to Vietnam. These insurance policies come for individuals as well as families. 

You should remember various things while buying travel insurance for Vietnam online. You must be careful and thorough with your observations, comparison of policies, and following your rules and regulations.

Let us talk about:

Do’s and Don’t’s of Travel Insurance For Vietnam


  • Find the Right Insurance Provider

If you plan to visit Vietnam or any other country, you must find the best possible insurance provider for yourself. The policy that offers the best services and gives you good coverage at cheaper rates. This will save and protect your money during disasters like theft or loss. 

  • Understand the Coverage of Your Plan

This is an essential part of your travel insurance hunting process. When you choose a certain plan, know and understand the coverage properly. Coverage of an insurance policy denotes what can be financially protected in trouble. 

Sadly, Vietnam has crowded streets, and like any other crowded street in the world, you will encounter pickpocketers here, too. Being careful and having insurance are the only options you have. 

Listed below are the things that are usually covered in international or specifically Vietnam travel insurance:

  1. Loss and delay of your baggage
  2. Travel cancellation or delay
  3. Medical emergency expenses
  4. Passport loss or theft
  5. COVID-19 coverage
  6. Cashless hospitalisation
  7. Personal liability

If you choose to opt for all of these, it will make the best comprehensive travel insurance you could ask for.

  • Keep Your Policy Documents With You

If you travel internationally, keeping your travel insurance for Vietnam travel or medical cover insurance with you is crucial. It is proof of the security you have against any kind of loss, and you wouldn’t want to miss it at the time of that incident. Ensure you have your passport, visa,  and identity proof along with your insurance.


  • Delay in Getting a Travel Insurance

If you plan to visit a country, Vietnam, you must buy Vietnam travel insurance beforehand. You shouldn’t wait until the last moment to do so. Between all the planning, prepping, and excitement, you might forget to or be too late to buy a policy. The ideal time for buying travel insurance is when you book your tickets to the place, in this case, Vietnam.

  • Avoiding the Policy Exclusion

Just like your policy coverage is something to understand, the policy exclusions are crucial, too. These are the things that are not covered financially under any circumstances. If you read your policy well, you will know what these are. If you go through something mentioned in exclusions and raise a claim, your claim will be rejected. 

Listed below are the things that are usually excluded from the financial compensation of your travel insurance:

  1. Visiting for the sole purpose of medical treatments.
  2. Travelling after being recommended by doctors not to.
  3. Travelling without being physically able to do so
  4. Self-harm injury treatment expenses
  5. Pregnancy-related treatment expenses
  6. Caught without a valid Visa
  7. Committing a crime


Understand that having a travel insurance policy is a matter of necessity and not an option. You’ll be better equipped to save yourself from much trouble when you do what is necessary and avoid what should be avoided. 

Theft, loss, damage, medical emergency, etc., can happen anytime. So, be prepared all the time. With insurance, peace of mind, and a journey ahead of you, you can have the best and most memorable trip ever. Just be prepared and safe with insurance, rest assured!

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