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5 Exciting Morning Desert Safari Dubai Tours of 2022

Dubai is known for its modern, wealthy, and luxury tourism. Dubai hosts thousands of tourists every year from all over the world. People usually choose the desert safari tour for their amazingly plan vacation. Desert safari in Dubai is one of the most popular activities that tourists enjoy. 

If you want to see natural beauty, then you should go for a morning desert safari in Dubai. As it is the best opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of the morning dawn. This not only brings you close to nature but also portrays you the real picture of Dubai’s most exciting places.

Choose the best safari tours as per your travel requirements, keeping in mind the size of your group and your interest. 

Best Morning Desert Safari Tours in Dubai

Dubai offers amazing morning desert safari tours that include the rural desert dune that is not much far away from UAE. You should add safari as a must-do activity while your visit Dubai for vacation. 

One can avail 24/7 Convenient tour option on any of your chosen trips. What you have to do is you need to choose the best desert delight that suits you. There are enormous options available from camel trekking to hot air balloon rides and many more. 

Every tour is centered around excitement and adventure you can add more leisure options to it white booking a tour to desert safari Dubai. 

  1. Sand Boarding in Desert safari Dubai

If you are an active traveler then the Sandboarding tour will be a perfect match for your personality. You can add the morning desert safari with sandboarding to your bucket list. Where you will be traveling around 30-40 mins into the desert on a 4×4 Land Cruiser. I can surely say that you’ll love the experience. 

You can start with dune bashing where your local driver will take your group on a thrilling ride down the dunes. Apart from that you can also hop on a sandboard and have a thrill by gliding down the dunes. You will surely get amazed by the experience of sporting adventure in the Dubai desert. 

Don’t get into haste in thinking that you’ll be going to miss the other adventures. You’ll surely have enough time as you’ll be given three hours long time, so you’ll have plenty of time exploring other highlights. 

  1. Sandboarding & Camel Ride

You can get a classic desert experience by going for a camel ride in desert safari Dubai. One can enjoy plenty of activities in the morning desert safari. Apart from the 4×4 cruiser ride and sandboarding experience you will have an amazing experience enjoying a classic camel ride. 

These places are not only bound for the tours but guests are also welcomed here to visit an old-fashioned camp that indulges with Arabian coffee, dry fruits, sweets, and a delightful breakfast. Once 3-4 hours of your tour will be passed then you’ll be taken back to your hotel. 

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride along with Wildlife 

If you are fond of flying then you should add the hot air balloon ride to your bucket list while going for a desert safari in Dubai. See the drone view of the desert from a hot air balloon. You’ll surely get a different perspective of the desert from the air. 

Don’t freak out that how you’ll going to manage time, as your hotel pick-up will arrive at 4:30 am so there will be plenty of time to be in the air. This way you can keep an eye on the desert animals that will be roaming around in the desert. You can also see the falcon demonstration from the air if you love eagles.

Once you’ll reach the ground you’ll again get the delicious breakfast. After that at last you can roam round in the desert on land rover to view the wildlife safari. 

  1. Red Dunes and Camel Safari Experience

How about if the overnight safari is combined with the morning safari? This way you’ll sleep over camel safari and that is breathtaking. In this case, you’ll be taken from your hotel in the evening and then your trip will be started with a whole list of activities. This will include sandboarding, dune bashing, quad-biking, and many more. 

Once the sun will set, you’ll be served a barbecue dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available. You can enjoy the real classic Arab entertainment by smoking shisha and belly dancing. 

You can stay in a typical Bedouin tent overnight on a nawar bed. Once the night will pass you’ll be wake up in a magical sunrise and after that eat the freshly cooked breakfast to enjoy the morning. This way you’ll enjoy the complete desert safari package. 

  1. Dune Buggy Ride

If you are fond of riding a fast bike. Then you should drive a desert dune buggy. This dune buggy is a fun thing to do during your tour. Just hop on a twin-seater buggy and follow the guidelines. Drive over the valleys of thrilling and adventure. 

For the purpose of security, the buggies are fully equipped with a roll cage that will protect you from any accidents. 


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