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The Top 5 Places to Paddleboard This Summer

No matter what kind of water sport you’re into, paddleboarding should be on your radar this summer! The activity has increased in popularity over the last few years and it’s easy to see why—it’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s good exercise too! With the right equipment, paddleboarding can be enjoyed on lakes, rivers, or even the ocean. Be sure to have your thermal wetsuit for the ocean ready to go!

1) The Ocean

While there are lots of great places to paddleboard in lakes, rivers and other freshwater bodies, it’s hard to beat paddling on the proverbial big body of saltwater. The ocean allows you a wide-open space. Be careful though! Strong currents can cause problems for the inexperienced. Only go with an experienced paddler.

2) A lake

Many consider lakes to be perfect for beginners because they are generally calm and don’t have strong currents. However, some lakes can be deeper than others so it is important to choose a body of water that you are confident in your paddling skills. Lakes are also surrounded by land or other bodies of water which means you’ll have something other than open water on all sides, making it easy to escape if you start feeling uncomfortable while paddleboarding. Plus, being away from waves and an open ocean gives beginners more space and fewer distractions when trying new manoeuvres. There are many lakes to go to in north wales!

3) A reservoir

A reservoir is a body of water that has been created by a dam or lock. These bodies of water can be used for recreation such as fishing, swimming, boating and paddling or they can act as natural barriers that help control flooding. Most reservoirs are also sources of drinking water. You’ll find lakes, and rivers have been turned into reservoirs. Some areas even rely on several different reservoirs to supply its citizens with water in case one source runs dry. Since there is limited space for new dams today, it’s becoming more common for governments to convert existing lakes into reservoirs by putting up special gates that keep out fish but allow people in their boats access to protected areas.

4) A smooth flowing river

A river is one of your best bets if you’re looking for a quality place to paddleboard, and can be a lot more relaxing than paddling around in an ocean. In terms of safety, rivers are less likely to have any unexpected waves or obstacles compared with other bodies of water. Rivers also don’t tend to have as much boat traffic, so you won’t need to worry about avoiding collisions with larger vessels. For those reasons, it may be easier for beginners who want less-challenging conditions.

5) A wavy beach – try paddle surfing

If you’re a fan of paddleboarding but want to try something new, you should try paddle surfing. Instead of sitting, you’ll stand on top of your board and ride waves. Give it a go!

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