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Reasons to Choose Tai O Fishing Village

One of the best options for spending your vacations is to go to some unknown place to experience a the atmosphere, know about the place and its people and enjoy the local food and culture. Being a tourist always teaches you a lot about the world in a pleasant way. When you think about places to go in your next vacation, you could easily choose Tai O Fishing Village in Hong Kong to enjoy and learn a lot from The High Water Heritage of Tai O Fishing Village.

Why should you choose Tai O fishing Village in Hong Kong in your next vacation?

  • To learn about seamen and fishing – Tai O Fishing Village provides a great amount of incite into the everyday life of seamen and in what way fishing industry was significant in the past years of Hong Kong. You would often get to see fish laid out to dry in the sun. You would get to observe the lifestyle of the seamen and how it is different from those living in the cities. It would be a fascinating experience to see the number of people who come to this place as tourists just to have this sort of an experience.
  • Food – When you think of good places to go, you always think about the food that you would get to enjoy at that place. Tai O Fishing Village offers you a host of options in seafood and street food as well. Kat Hing Street offers you multiple choices to have your meal from. Be it restaurants offering seafood, cafes offering coffee and at the same time markets selling foods prepared by the locals – you could choose any of these options or even all of them. Classic Hong Kong foods like fish balls are available with a twist in Tai O Fishing Village. Being boiled and soaked in chilly soup, these are spicier than the curry variety available in the city. The Hong Kong favourite egg waffle found here is prepared in charcoal stoves which make it unique and crispier than the machine made waffles found in the city.
  • Boat ride – Tai O Fishing Village is called the Venice of Hong Kong with multiple houses and boats on water. The stilt houses are present on either sides of the water channel and this makes the place suitable place for boat rides. These are offered to the tourists as soon as they get off the bus carrying them to this village. The stilt houses are some of the most scenic spots in Hong Kong. They are built with wood or steel and are prone to damage due to the weather conditions which have frequent storms and heavy rains. Government are taking steps to renovate these places to keep them in their best condition. Boat rides are one of the most important aspects of The High Water Heritage of Tai O Fishing Village in Hong Kong.



Besides the above mentioned attractions there are various temples like Hung Shing Temple and Tin Hau Temple in Tai O Fishing Village which have been built by the residents to have prosperity and luck. It would undoubtedly be  a fruitful experience to visit this amazing place the next time you think of spending your vacation somewhere outside your home.

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