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Make a Trip to the Iguazu Falls, The Exotic Location for Honeymooners

While planning for your honeymoon, consider making a trip to the exotic falls of the Iguazu National Park in Argentina. The park is along the Iguazu River which is at the border of Argentina and Brazil. It has most of the waterfalls and also is home to an amazing family of wildlife that is rarely seen. 

The Iguazu Falls is a popular romantic destination for newlyweds who want to see this incredible natural wonder of the world with so much more to do for honeymooners. Once you learn about this lush green location of Iguazu National Park and the falls, you will certainly be drawn to go experience this romantic getaway with your partner. 

The Iguazu Falls are the main attraction of this national park which is not only the largest waterfall in the world but is also listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. If you are thinking of doing something thrilling and romantic at a mesmerising place for your honeymoon, you must surely get to know more about this place. The more you learn about this region, the more you will want to be there.

Explore the beauty of the Falls

Getting a close-up view of the falls in Iguazu should be first on your list. Couples can enjoy the breath-taking beauty from one of the several bridges, boardwalks, or pathways that run beneath and along South America’s most beautiful natural wonder, Iguazu Falls,. Take a 10 or 35-minute helicopter ride that offers you a spectacular view of the falls.

Explore the park

Iguazu National Park is made up of two separate parks, one on the Argentina side and the other on the Brazilian side of the border. The Brazilian side is made up of several walkways that zigzag along the river’s edge and extend into the falls while on the Argentinean side, you may explore the opulent jungle which has more than 2,000 species of fauna and wildlife. Stroll through the falls and enjoy the beauty of nature with your dear love.

Jetboat ride

Take a jet boat ride to make your honeymoon trip an enjoyable experience. The boat ride at the calm section of the Iguazu River takes you through various tiers of the falls with exceptional views of the gorgeous sceneries. The ride becomes thrilling, speedy, and bumpy as it takes you to the Devil’s Throat through the depths of the deafening falls.

Full moon tour

Enjoying a full moon night tour in the lush green national park is something that every romantic couple would wish for. Iguazu National Park opens its doors five evenings a month so that couples can enjoy the falls by moonlight and observe the falls on the Argentine side. You’ll experience the falls in a more intimate surrounding under the full moonlight and if you’re lucky, you might even witness a “midnight rainbow” created by the moonlight filtering through the mists.

Spending your honeymoon at the Falls of Iguazu National Park offers enough beauty to create lifetime romantic memories. You cannot imagine the splendid moments you will have with your love life unless you visit it.

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