Experience an Exciting European Adventure in the Province of Zhejiang
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Here are some valuable tips to consider when travelling to Zhejiang.

Experience an Exciting European Adventure in the Province of Zhejiang

Day 1: Hangzhou is the First Stop

When you get to Hangzhou, you will be stunned by how beautiful the city is. With its lush trees and long slopes, this place is a great place to think about things. If you are coming from Europe, this place is the right mix of culture, history, and natural beauty.   When these three things work well together, they form a perfect balance that can be found in every part of this land. This leads to a few perfect things here and there.

Once you get to Hangzhou, you should take the time to learn about the city’s history. One choice that stands out is going to West Lake. It is also one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. The more you learn about the area, the more you’ll understand how technology and old ways of doing things have been brought together here. This is great for both visitors and people who live there.

Day 2: History of Liangzhu and More

On the second day, you can go to historical places that interest you. You can go to the city of Liangzhu. There, you can find the ancient ruins. UNESCO has put the place on its list of World Heritage Sites. Exploring the sites gives you a look at the rich Chinese culture, its treasures, and more. It is thought that they are about 5000 years old. But your trip wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t stop by the Liangzhu Museum. This museum is where a lot of interesting and educational items come together. People who want to learn more about Chinese culture will find a lot of treasures right here. Especially interesting is the Jade Cong. When it comes to learning about old religious secrets, this one is very important.

As you learn more about the area, you’ll start to understand how this old Chinese city grew and changed over time. They had chosen rice farming as the economic base for their growth in agriculture. Here, you’ll have the chance to learn about the complicated ways rituals work. This means looking into the usual mix of ideas about the gods and leadership.

But you shouldn’t stop here. After you’re done exploring, you should definitely try some of the traditional Chinese food that people in the area have been eating for generations. Dongpo pork, Beggar’s chicken, and West Kale Vinegar Fish are just a few examples of the region’s rich and varied food past. The meals have a lot of different tastes because they are made with the right mix of vegetables and spices.

Day 3: Nature and Art in the valley

After learning about the past of Hangzhou, you might be ready to spend a day in nature. The beauty that this state has to offer guests will really take your breath away. You can start by looking at West Lake’s beauty. It has lush green fields, calm blue waterbeds, and a gentle, peaceful breeze that brings a feeling of peace to your heart. On three sides, there are hills around West Lake. Due to its unique beauty, West Lake has been a favourite place for picnics for many years. You and someone you care about can also have a nice time by the lake.

As you keep going on your trip, the Lingyinsi Temple will be your next stop. This temple is between two mountains. It is almost 1700 years old and is an important part of history. You will definitely feel the spiritual vibe and see how calm and peaceful the place is. You will definitely remember Buddhism’s lasting effects and Hangzhou’s beautiful lyrical charms.

After you’ve had a great time at Lingyinsi Temple, you should go to the beautiful Amanfayun Valley. There are many peaceful nature places in Zhejiang that will give you an unforgettable experience. When you come here and have the chance to pick and roast Longjing tea, you will have a wonderful time. In the Western countries, people often call this tea “Dragon Well tea.” In fact, this area is known for its long history of growing a wide range of Green Tea. European tourists will be able to learn about the Chinese tea culture firsthand.

After you’ve spent the day exploring the different parts of the province, treat yourself to a show on West Lake that will really make you feel something. It would be a very interesting thing to see. People who like culture and art will enjoy the event at the lake, which has a lively atmosphere filled with light, music, and dance. It will look like the dancers are dancing on top of the water, like fairies. We’re sure that the show will hold your attention totally. This show is a must-see because it is put on by the famous Chinese artist Kitaro and directed by the famous Zhang Yimou.

Day 4: Lishui and Songyang Village

Please save this day for moving to Lishui. Lishui is a city in the province of Zhejiang, which is in the south-west of China. Get on a short, magical train ride that will take you to a place that is often called “the last secret land” in the fascinating pages of the Chinese version of National Geographic.

We think Songyang Village should be your first stop. The town is small and beautiful because it is nestled between tall mountains. It represents 520 years of rich culture and social history. Isn’t that strange? In the places around the villages, you’ll find effects that wind around like streams. When small huts with mud walls and grey tiles are in the picture, these images often look different. You will also be happily surprised by how well the old buildings have been kept. Find out about the old works on display in a busy city museum. Here, the people who live in the area will give you a close look at how a village works. This is the type of place you might expect to find in a town in Northern Italy.

In one of these towns, you can also find a place to stay the night. If you have the chance, you should also try the local food. People here are very friendly and give off a real feeling of love.

Day 5: The Tea Gardens Tranquility

Today is your last day of travel. We highly recommend going to Yangjiatang Village to make your trip truly memorable. This town is known for its old buildings, which have traditional designs from as far back as 362 BC. Going to this Chinese village is a one-of-a-kind experience because you can see how beautiful their interiors are, which an important part of traditional rural China is.

The next place you should go is the Damu Mountain Tea Garden. It’s an important part of what you’re looking into today. When you get to your location, you’ll see lush green slopes rolling out in all directions. The website is truly incredible. You will be charmed by the smell of some of the world’s best teas at the same time.

Don’t forget to also go to the Yunhe Rice Terrace when you go to the tea garden. Most people agree that the rice terraces in China are some of the most beautiful and interesting scenery in the world. With heights ranging from 200 metres to 1400 metres and 700 slopes, this area is truly beautiful. It is at its most beautiful in the summer and spring. You wouldn’t want to miss the early morning view of the place with clouds in the background.

If you have the chance, spend this last day with the She people to make it even more precious. This group has a small number of people and is one of the minority groups in China. This can really be a magical time for you.

This whole tour will be a truly unique experience for you, as it will show you the many different colours of China’s nature, history, and culture. Here, the past and the present, the old and the new, work well together to make a lovely mix.

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