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About Estonian People and Comparison with Other Countries

One of the things that you will know about the Estonian character is that it is not very different from that of or compared to other nations. However, the way Estonians observe themselves is another story. According to the research by a well-known professor, Estonians’ self-image is dependent on what they think of Russians. Estonians believe that they are the opposite of the Russians. Estonian people believe that Russians are extroverts. But the Estonians are introverts. If you see Russians and Estonians, you will find a lot of differences between the two. Russians speak a lot but Estonian people are very silent people. It is a sign of intelligence to be silent.

How Much Do Estonian Eat – 

Another thing you will notice about Estonian people is that they are withdrawn kind of people, whereas the Russians are friendly people. Some people are lazy and do not work in order. But one of the amazing things that you will know about Estonian people is that they are very orderly, industrious, and goal-oriented. Now, let’s look at how much do Estonian eat? So, as per the National Institute for Health Development, the average body mass index should be 25 and anything beyond that is overweight. Estonian have a body mass index of 26,2. Every fifth or sixth Estonian people’s body mass index (BMI) is over 30. If you compare Estonia with 180 countries, then Estonia comes in the 92nd place.

Do Estonian Drink – 

And, the WHO has already predicted that by 2025 every second or third person in Estonia will be overweight. Now, let’s look at how many Estonian people drink. In the year 2017, the average Estonian near about 15 years old drank 10,3 l of pure alcohol every year. As per the studies, 90% of Estonians people have tried liquor during their lifetime. National Institute for Health Development has recently done a study where they found that alcohol consumption is not beneficial for health at all. Every 2nd or 4th child in Estonia would want that their parent stops drinking alcohol. And, every 5th or 4th family is considered as overconsuming alcohol.

Are Estonian Happy People – 

In Estonia, 2 in 3 cases of domestic violence are linked with alcohol. Now, let’s look at what is Estonian people’s mood like. As per the World Happiness Report, out of 156 countries, Estonia holds 63rd place. Finland ranks first in this place. As per the critics, reports show that many people are satisfied with their income and also the quality of life. European Social Survey documents, other things, how calm and happy people are. So, they found out that Estonian people are calmer than the young people of Finland. As the Estonian people grow older, their calmness vanishes, whereas for the people of Finland, it grows. And, by the age of 62, there is no difference between an Estonian and a Finn.

Do Estonian Suffer Depression – 

It is also believed that Estonian people suffer from more depression and anxiety, compared to that Finns. The young Estonian and Finns get depression and anxiety on a similar level, this level vanishes with age for the Finns and increases with the age for Estonians. On a scale of 1-10, overall life satisfaction for Estonian is 5.7 and for Finns, it is 7.6.

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