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6 Adventurous Ways To Explore Africa


Africa- the second largest continent in the world, is famous for several things. It features the world’s largest desert, longest river, biggest inland Delta and many more. The spectacular views of different parts of Africa keep you mesmerising. 

You can explore east Africa for its magnificent features like Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, etc. The other part of Africa also attracts tourists with its captivating beauty and other interesting facts. For instance, South Africa is famous for its Gold and Platinum mines. 

Are you planning an adventurous trip to Africa? Keep reading!

Explore Africa In 6 Adventurous Ways

There are plenty of things to do in Africa. However, if you want to spend your trip to Africa in an adventurous way, check out these five activities:

River rafting

The Zambezi River in Zambia is one of the longest rivers in Africa. It is 3400km long and attracts tourists for exciting rafting activities. Oblivion, Creamy Buttocks, Devil’s Toilet Bowl, etc. are some of the famous rapids in this river. A daylong paddling adventure in this river can snatch your heart away while you stop at the great plunge before Victoria Falls. Even experienced paddlers feel anxious while rafting in this river.

Bungee jumping

After finishing the river rafting in the Zambezi River, you must try bungee jumping once before leaving Zambia. The Victoria Falls bridge, where you will take off for bungee jumping, is 111 metres high. Imagine the hair-raising feeling while you take off from such a high place. It may be an enthralling adventure for you if you are an expert. However, if you want to try something less exciting, you can also try bridge swing and bridge slide.

Mountain biking

The captivating mountain routes inside the Cape Peninsula National Park and around the vineries of Cape Town are well known for biking. The land features are absolute to provide you with the best biking thrill. Even professional bikers find it difficult to jump about some areas like Swellendam. The De Hoop National Park is situated close to this area, with some amazing biking trails. Moreover, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg are also well known for heart-throbbing biking trails. 

Shark diving

Are you scared of reading the term shark diving?

You should definitely be! Imagine you are underwater, and sharks are attacking you from all directions. Hold on! You are in a well-built cage that sharks cannot enter. However, you can watch them coming toward you and get sight of a bone-chilling view. 

You can take two hours drive from Cape Town and reach Gansbaai, famous for various shark activities. There are companies that organise weeklong shark activities such as Cage Diving, Kelp Diving, etc. So, plan your trip accordingly and don’t forget to experience this adventurous activity.

Gorilla trekking

Don’t forget to visit the dense forests of Uganda and Rwanda. They are home to some of the incredible faunas in the world. You can visit this forest for Gorilla trekking, which would add a good score to your adventure list.

Big five safari

Your trip remains incomplete if you do not explore the big 5 in AfricaSouth Africa is an abode of a variety of wildlife. A visit to the Kruger National Park is a crucial part of your African trip. Lion, elephants, rhinoceros, leopards and Cape Buffaloes are together known as the big five. A safari tour of this famous jungle offers you an exciting view of these astonishing animals.  


Now you know how to enjoy your trip to Africa with a heart full of excitement and thrill, right? Africa is a land of immense treasure; it has much more to offer than described in this article. However, you come across the best activities that can make your trip happening and exciting. 


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