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 5 Best Things to Do in Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxaca is a known place and people like to visit this exotic tourist spot. It is a capital city lying bright in Southern Mexico. Other neighbouring states surrounding Oaxaca City are Guerrero and Puebla. Besides Veracruz and Chiapas are also near to encircle this famous city in Mexico. Tourists book hotels and resorts in this world-class city for spending their holidays. The vast coastline running through the Pacific Ocean attracts visitors coming from different walks of life. They are enthusiastic to do exciting things. For them, there are top five excellent attractions which they can do to have more fun. Their short or long stays in Southern Mexico will be incomplete if they overlook the majestic beauty of Oaxaca. 

Participate in Food Expedition 

 Tourists who visit Oaxaca should book the delicious dishes to eat. Oaxaca food tour for travellers is full of amusement and adventure. Local cuisine items must give you a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction. You can take the popular Chocolat de agua food which is extremely spicy and flavourful. It is the best appetizer when you feel hungry. Apart from this local dish, there are over 20 foods for tourists. Experts analyze the quality of these nutritious palatable foods before recommendation. This day-long food expedition highlights hyper-local dishes at the street kiosks. Instead of going to luxurious restaurants, move with your family members to book dinner tables at the cheap food stalls in the city of Oaxaca. 

Renew Your Taste Bud – Eat Mole 

If you didn’t take Verde, Coloradito, Rojo , Manchamanteles, Chinchilla moles, do not miss these food items in Oaxaca City of Mexico. It is a savoury type sauce that works as a topping on street food in Oaxaca

Visit Zocalo Plaza to See Wonderful Things

Zocalo plaza is a historical plaza that preserves many rare artifacts and evidence. During the post-colonization movement, many eminent scholars and writers contributed a lot to make the next generation understand the importance of such a movement. It is a cultural place for people. Explore Zocalo and know about the religious integration and reunion of different religious communities. Zocalo let you learn about the neighbourhood, the old battle for justice, and the different steps of the colonization movement. 

Day trip to Teotitlan del Valle 

Oaxaca is awesome in natural color and scenic beauty. Your itinerary trip to Teotitlan del Valle will be remarkable. The rural area is beautiful for its innocent natural aesthete. People are cordial to welcoming outsiders. At different times, several backcountry outdoor campaigns take place. Local folks are in the festive mood and they like to buy hand-crafted things. Start your day trip to see local shops and exhibitions. Casa Don Taurino is a unique rendezvous of famous cloth designers and weavers. Shopping at the backdrop of a mountain range changes your depressed mood. 

Join the Street Art Exhibition 

If you are a hardcore fan of Jose Guadalupe Posada, Leopoldo Mendez, and Diego Rivera, you should visit the street art shows to have the perfect knowledge about painting. Elite class in this city can’t separate them from the oldest tradition. It is the art and it enriches the society of Oaxaca City. With the fall of evening, educated and local citizens like to gather at the famous art exhibitions. These street exhibitions are open to all visitors and citizens. Painting and artwork are indispensable to unit people here. Go back to previous glorious cultural movements via the superb canvas painting and art. 

When others go to a museum, national parks, and local clubs for entertainment, feel free to navigate in the city of Oaxaca. These top five things will bring many unknown facts to you to learn about the culture and cuisine. Your expedition to Oaxaca Mexico City will give you pleasure and self-contentment. Check Google Map to locate more interesting places in this unforgettable cultural city based in Mexico. 

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