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3 Interesting Facts About Haunted House Attractions

The haunted house is one of the most popular Halloween attractions in communities ranging from small towns to big cities. No matter what level of horror you’re comfortable with, you should be able to find a haunted house that’s perfect for you. Here are three interesting facts about haunted house attractions.

1. Modern Haunted Houses Come in Many Forms

The term for this type of attraction is haunted house, but in reality, almost anything can be a haunted house attraction. Depending on your geographic location, you may have hiking trails, parks, fields, buildings and other structures you can decorate and fill with actors and scary scenes. For example, you may find a haunted hayride, a haunted corn field or a haunted house Maryland. Even amusement parks and museums can be turned into haunted attractions.

2. The Attraction Stems from Nineteenth-century England

While the first true haunted houses were created in America in the twentieth century, the concept has its roots in Marie Tussaud’s wax sculpture exhibition in London in the nineteenth century. Tussaud’s waxworks collection, which included death masks, was called the Chamber of Horrors.

3. They Are Uniquely American Attractions

The haunted house tradition is largely American. People took inspiration from Tussaud’s collection and the popular holiday Halloween to create attractions that provided thrills and fun. Walt Disney codified the tradition with the Haunted Mansion ride at his theme park. Modern Americans are continuously refining, improving and reinventing the haunted house. International audiences are also increasingly interested in these attractions, with haunted houses, mazes and rides appearing at many international theme park locations.

Haunted house attractions are fond memories for many people. Adults and children alike find them fun and frightening. They’re hallmarks of the autumn season and have a lengthy history in the United States and as a staple of Halloween.

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