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Visit the island of KRK in Croatia and enjoy your stay in the midst of nature

There are more than thousands of islands available in Croatia. All these islands make this place a worth visiting place for those travelers who love adventure. Among all islands, the island of KRK is said to be one of the largest among them all. The island offers around 155 miles of golden beaches, lush green forests, ancient ruins, and many more.

The place has everything to make your stay fun-filled and worth enjoying. Situated in the Adriatic, there are lots of reasons to pay a visit to this beautiful golden island. Every year, thousands of visitors come to this place to visit the island of KRK in Croatia.

How to reach this place? 

If you are planning to visit this place, then you have landed at the right place as here you will get some useful information on how to reach this place conveniently. When thinking about reaching this island, most of the people think either of a boat or a plane as a means of transportation. But the best means of transportation to this reach this place is via car or bus. Both these two modes of transportation are available to take tourists to the location.

Besides these, ferries and boats are also available that tourists can opt for. The nearby airport of this location is in Rijeka, a coastal city. Travelers can either catch a bus or rent a car and drive to this place via a scenic, long arch bridge. You need to cover approximately one mile and you will finally reach the destination to explore the unprecedented beauty of KRK.

Historic sites and scenes

The place KRK in Croatia is filled with lots of historic sites and scenes. It is the right place for history enthusiasts. The place has many artistic and beautiful churches as well as cathedrals. Some ruins of famous castles are also available.

There is one famous castle in KRK that stands tall and it is called Frakopan castle. The castle mainly faces the coast and protects the island from potential attacks that may come from the sea. Therefore, in KRK, you can find some famous historic places which are worth visiting.

Natural beauty 

It is needless to say that KRK is the ultimate place for the admirers of nature. The place offers a lot of biodiversities and the island contains more than 1500 species of plants. One famous plant specie is a tiny little white flower called Barbasova Lazarkinja. This flower is mostly found on the southern coast of Baska.

The beaches in KRK entice your eyes and mind with crystal clear water. Some of the beaches are located in remote places taking a bit of effort to locate but once you find them, you will get a secluded experience. some other beaches on this island are close to cafes and restaurants.

For example, Baska, a great place to catch the glimpse of an oceanic sunrise and sunset. Besides this, travelers can easily get a spectacular view of mountains from anywhere on the coast. The island contains lush green mountains in its surroundings.

So, if you want to experience the true beauty of nature along with thrill, pack your bags and plan to visit the Island of KRK in Croatia.

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