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The cheapest destinations in Europe

Europe offers various destinations for all interests and tastes. You can enjoy from historical destinations to mountain trails to sandy beaches. However, some of these destinations are very expensive. If you are visiting countries like Netherlands, Germany, and France, then you should have a good budget. In this article, we are going to share some cheapest destinations in Europe. These are lesser-known destinations. However, you can still enjoy yourself a lot at these destinations.

  • Bulgaria 

Bulgaria will generally top the list of inexpensive destinations to visit in Europe. The main reason behind this is that Bulgaria is largely undiscovered by tourists. Tourists generally visit Bulgaria when they are visiting the Black Sea in summer. If you are visiting Bulgaria in the off-season, then you can save a lot of money as the price will drop considerably. You can eat, travel, and enjoy yourself in Bulgaria for a tenth of what it costs to visit Western countries.

  • Romania 

If you want to go to the Carpathian mountains for hiking, then Romania is the perfect destination for you. You can even visit the Brasov which was home to Dracula’s 14th century Bran Castle at a very affordable price. The trains in Romania are not in the best condition. However, they are very cheap and safe. You can also shop at supermarkets here as the food is cheap in Romania. All the meals in Romania are filling and hearty. You will enjoy local specialties like cozonac and sarmale. 

  • Poland 

Poland is another great destination for tourists. However, the main cities of Poland are not cheap. You should avoid visiting them in summer. Shoulder season is the best time to travel to Poland. The weather will be warming up at this time and the prices will be low. Museums in Poland generally offer one free day a week. Thus, you can enjoy the museum in larger cities. Trains aren’t cheap in Poland. But, you can use the bus for getting anywhere in the city. It will also cost you very little money. You can also opt for long-distance buses if you want to travel large distances. 

  • Ukraine 

Ukraine is not a famous tourist destination. Thus, you can discover everything in this old Soviet country at a very good discount. If you are visiting Ukraine, then Kiev will be the perfect destination for you. It is not far away from the city. However, you should pick the right time if you are visiting Ukraine. For example, if you want to visit Pripyat or Chernobyl, then you should go in winter. The tours during winter are very cheap as most tourists don’t want to deal with winter. If you don’t want to visit Ukraine during winter, then the next best time to visit Ukraine is during early spring and fall. 

  • Portugal

Portugal is another beautiful destination in Europe. It is all about nature, the outdoors, and the sun in Portugal. The Faro District is a very popular destination for its lighthouses, cliffs, sands, and golden sands. If you are visiting Portugal, then food and accommodations will be your biggest expense. You can reduce your expenses by visiting Portugal after the peak season (June – August). If you want even more discounts, then you should visit Portugal from November to February. 


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