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How to Make a Successful Trip to Venice, Italy

Venice is the capital city of Veneto, Italy, and is a bucket list destination for most of us. It has a grand canal, explaining why most tourists take a ferry to Venice. This city has made headlines in recent years due to the increased number of tourists visiting on cruise ships.

Whether traveling to a nearby town or another part of the world, careful planning is important. Travelers must research their visiting destination to know more about its weather, culture, security, among others. 

The right preparation helps travelers avoid disasters, know the land’s rules, and discuss how to plan a successful trip to Venice below. 

  1. Stay the Night

Undoubtedly, you can visit almost all the areas in this city in a day because it is not very big. However, this city has been affected by over-tourism since most visitors only spend a day and do not leave any economic gain behind. 

Travelers are advised to at least stay for one night to leave an economical mark. Staying the night is also beneficial as it lets you view the city’s nightlife and early morning hours. Remember, these are the best times to be there.

  1. Stay on the Island

Venice covers over 180 square miles. However, most of this is a lagoon. Venice city is situated on an island with smaller bridges and canals linked to the mainland by a causeway. Most travelers are tempted to stay in cheap hotels, but you are advised to reside in the historic center. 

Staying on the island is advisable since you can return to your hotel room for a quick snack. It is also convenient because you will not have to worry about being far from your belonging. 

  1. Visit in the Shoulder Season

Remember, Venice city’s off-season becomes shorter yearly, mainly in the winter months. This period is usually colder because of the high tides. Travelers are advised to visit during the shoulder season since it is usually less busy but has a perfect weather. 

Kindly refrain from visiting during the summer, as the city is very hot and busier. 

  1. Get Up Early

The cruise season becomes longer in Venice every year, but it begins in May to September. You are advised to confirm which days the ship will dock in to ensure there are lesser crowds and avoid touristy spots like the Rialto Bridge. These spots are usually busy from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Travelers should also visit these spots during the day or deep into the night to get a better experience. 

  1. Avoid Eating in the Grand Canal

Like avoiding these spots during the day, travelers are also advised to avoid eating in the cafes along the grand canal. These hotels do not offer the best food, and most are overpriced. Instead, visit hotels in smaller towns as they have better rates and their food is exemplary.

Final Thoughts

Venice is a popular city in Italy and is on almost everybody’s bucket list. The above article has discussed how to plan a trip here, and you can reach out for more information. 

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