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How Does a Bengali Bride Get Ready?

The bride is usually the focus of any wedding ceremony, regardless of where the wedding is. That is why a lot of care goes into getting her ready. Banquet halls in Kolkata for marriage ceremonies offer a special area for the bride to get ready. A Bengali bride gets ready with the following:

Haldi ceremony 

The wedding rituals on the day of the wedding start with a Haldi ceremony called Gaye Holud. It starts in the groom’s house, where turmeric (Haldi) paste is applied to the groom. After this, the Haldi and some gifts are sent to the bride’s house. Married women of the bride’s family then apply this Haldi. The purpose is to give her glowing skin for the wedding.


Alta is a red liquid applied to the bride’s hands and feet. Like mehendi in north Indian weddings, alta holds high traditional significance. The bride can opt for a simple look or any design with the alta. This sets the bridal look apart aesthetically.


A Bengali bride usually wears a sari for her wedding. There is a huge variety available in the type of these saris, their colors, and designs. The types of saris worn are Baluchari, Korial, Tant, Gorod, Tussar, Jamdani, Bengal phulia hand-woven, and Murshidabad silk. These saris come in silk, cotton, or cotton silk. The wedding could be in any marriage hall in Kolkata, and all eyes will still be on the bride.


Jewelry is very important for a bride. It shows the culture, tradition, and also the status. Tikli (tika), also called matha patti, is a pendant made of gold worn on the head’s middle parting (maang). Nolok (nath) is a decorated nose ring. The size varies from a small one to a large one. Jewelry for the ears includes a Kaan Bala designed in the ear’s shape, jhumka or long dangling earrings, and Kaan Pasha, a gold stud. Chik is a choker with intricate work, a long gold necklace worn with other neckpieces. A Saat Noli Haar and a Paanch Noli Haar are necklaces with seven and five layers, respectively. It is passed on from the bride’s mother to her. Ratanchur is an ornament for the hands having five rings or one ring connected to a pendant on the back of the hand. Chur is a gold bangle, broad in shape, passed on from previous generations. This is accompanied by a pair of gold bangles called Kada. Shakha, Pola, and Noa are also part of the bangles that the bride wears.

Bindi – intricate design or simple

A red bindi on the bride’s forehead is accompanied by a beautiful white intricate design painted across from left to right. It can be as detailed or as simple as preferred. Choosing a good wedding resort in Kolkata is key for getting the bride ready. The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata offers exquisite wedding arrangements with an exclusive bridal room, makeup artists, and customized packages for the bride, groom, and extended family. Make a booking to give the bride a perfect wedding!


Mukut is a white tiara that varies in size and design and is there to hold the bride’s veil in place. This completes the bridal look beautifully.

This is how a Bengali bride gets ready for her big day.

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