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Here are Some Tips That You Need To Know Before Visiting Stonehenge

While you are planning to visit London, it is surely going to keep you busy. But England also has a lot to see. It is the birthplace of English and has many awesome and fun places to visit. One of them is Stonehenge, which is the most impressive and iconic place here in England. So, if you are looking to visit a historic place then this is something you cannot miss.

About Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the prehistoric monuments that was perched on the chalk uplands of Salisbury Plain. It was built with one of the most wonderful pieces of engineering as it was said to be built by people who had the most rudimentary tools to do the job. Due to its historic value, Stonehenge was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritages in the year 1986. It has since then been restored and maintained in such a way that it is preserved well for future generations. For a perfect Stonehenge visitor guide, you need to visit its website. 

Here are some tips to help you plan a visit to Stonehenge:

Visiting Stonehenge: There are many different options to visit Stonehenge. The best way is to use a bus tour. These buses operate from London and will allow you to stay at the sight for a maximum of 2 hours. Choose the tour company wisely. You can check their reviews online. If you wish to spend more time, then you can choose a small group tour, which handles 1 to 3 tourist attractions in one day. 

Time required to spend at Stonehenge: Now that will depend on you. If you are just a visitor who wants to see this historic monument and take pictures or selfies then 1.5 hours to 2 hours is enough for you. But if you are an archaeologist or a keen historian then you would like to spend more time here. So, you need to work as per your interest.

Clothes to wear: As Stonehenge is built in the middle of the giant field of Salisbury Plain, it is going to be too windy for you here, as it travels all the way from the South Wales of England. So Stonehenge can get wet and windy. It is always better to carry a waterproof jacket or a poncho if you are visiting during winter. Also, do not forget the gloves too in case you do not want your hands to get frozen.

Information: At the visitor centre you will get all the important artefacts, videos and information about Stonehenge. Also, in case you choose a group tour, then you would be provided with an audio guide. 

Best season to visit: Summers are always a peak season to visit where around 10,000 pre-bookings were done last year. If you are willing to wait in the queue then summer can be the right time for you or else winters with frozen fingers may look better too.

Stonehenge is a historic place, which is mysterious and interesting at the same time. But if you want to enjoy yourself there, be prepared for unexpected rain or trouble. Carry an extra layer of clothes and most importantly keep calm and enjoy the view. 

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