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Family Holidays in Mauritius

Are you looking forward to spending some quality time with family members during the holidays? If yes, then you should definitely consider visiting Mauritius. This beautiful island offers a wide range of activities from relaxing beach vacations to adventurous water sports.

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, south east of Madagascar and north west of Mozambique. The country has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures throughout the year. There are several tourist attractions in Mauritius such as beaches, wildlife reserves, historical sites, etc.

Mauritius is known for its natural beauty and rich culture. From the capital city Port Louis, tourists can enjoy various sightseeing tours around the island.

Top reasons why Mauritius is the ultimate family-friendly holiday

Mauritius is a fantastic family destination. The island nation offers plenty of activities for kids, including white water rafting, snorkelling, zip lining, horse riding, banana boat rides and much more. There are also some great hotels offering affordable accommodation and delicious food. If you’re looking for a cheap break away, this is definitely worth considering.

There are lots of things to do in Mauritius, whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach, taking part in adventure sports, shopping, eating out or just chilling out. To make the most of your trip, check out our guide to what to do in Mauritius.


Families looking for cheap holidays to Mauritius might want to look into flying direct from London Gatwick Airport. There are plenty of options available, including Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Flybe and Jet2. Depending on where you choose to fly, there are either one or two stops along the way.

The longest journey takes about 11 hours and 45 minutes, but if you opt for an overnight flight, your children may get a good night’s rest. If you book a short trip, you’ll arrive in Mauritius early afternoon, giving you time to explore the island and enjoy some shopping.

Even though Mauritius is a full day away, it’s only four hours ahead, which means jet lag isn’t going to be that bad – especially since Mauritius is such a relaxed place. In fact, we found that our children slept better on the plane because they had a chance to wind down.


Mauritius has a fairly safe reputation in terms of crime. In fact, it ranks among the safest places in the world according to the World Economic Forum. There are no major cities, and even small towns tend to be pretty safe. However, there are some areas where travellers might want to exercise caution.

The island is generally considered to be free of terrorism, although there was a terrorist attack in 2008. But overall, the place seems relatively safe.


Mauritius is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. From the Indian subcontinent to Africa, there are people from every corner of the globe living here. And while you might think that means lots of languages and cultures, it actually means something very different. Because in Mauritius, everyone speaks multiple languages and holds multiple cultural identities.

The island nation speaks three languages: English, French and Creole. And while most people speak both French and English fluently, some locals still prefer to use Creole. This is because it retains many words from its former coloniser, the UK.

There are four main religions in Mauritius: Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. While there are plenty of churches and mosques dotted around the country, the majority of people follow Hindu traditions.

About 90% of people here identify themselves as being of mixed race; about 10% are black Africans, and less than 1% are white Europeans. Most of the population is of Indian descent.


If you want to find some good beach action, head for the northwest of the island. There are plenty of hotels and resorts around the area, making it easy to find a spot to lay out your towel and enjoy the sun. If you don’t mind getting up early, there are some beautiful stretches of white sand to be found in the north west of the island.

The best beaches tend to be along the northwest coast, where you’ll find the widest range of accommodation options. You’ll find everything from small boutique hotels to large resort complexes. This part of the island is very popular with tourists and locals alike, so expect lots of people and activity.

There are a number of things to do while you’re relaxing on the beach. Most resorts offer water sports like scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, fishing and kiteboarding. If you fancy something a little different, take a trip into town and check out one of the many bars and restaurants. You’ll also find plenty of places selling souvenirs and local crafts.

Off you go

Mauritius can be of great value if you book early, but it’s important to do some research into what you’re getting yourself into. There are plenty of rental options that can accommodate full families on the island. Out top recommendation for finding the perfect accommodation is SmartVillas Mauritius, which offers a wide range of villas with private pools.

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