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All That You Must Know About Kayaking in Tenerife

Whenever you visit this Spanish island located on the West African coast, you can engage yourself in this amazing activity called kayaking in Tenerife. Tenerife is considered to be the largest Canary Island that has plenty of beaches having sandy soils that may be yellow to black, where you can reach by kayak.

You will find the climate in Tenerife relatively stable, where the temperature lies between 15°C to 25°C. Analysis has been done through oceanographic satellite and it was found that the temperature of seawater of Tenerife varies around the year.

Often offshore wind can replace the warm water of the surface caused due to sun with colder water. Therefore, while going for Kayaking Atlantis Tenerife one must consider the air temperature. Through kayaking, you can discover the beautiful mountains known as Anaga in Tenerife.

Also, you can try to paddle your kayak and find many impressive sights around Anaga Mountain including the coastline, beaches, and a few impressive cliffs. While going on a kayaking trip, you should not forget to carry your swimming gear, sunscreen, and hats.

During the kayak tour, you can also come across dolphins, turtles, and many other sea creatures on the way. You will also get to see the fascinating view of the sea from a very close angle.

What is kayaking?

If you are not too familiar with kayaking then you must understand that basically it is used for moving across waters. Kayaking may be a little different from canoeing, where you will have to use the paddle blade while sitting on the kayak to move on the water surface.

Kayaks will have a few closed decks.However, these days people enjoy sitting on the top of any inflatable kayaks as they are becoming more popular. Initially, kayaks were made of skin and wood and were mostly used for either fishing or hunting, where the hunter could sneak behind any animal found on the shoreline.

These days most of these kayaks are found to be made of metals, plastics, feather-light carbons, and a few other materials. The various designs that are available for these kayaks have certain specific benefits for manoeuvrings, performance, and stability.

Various activities that are involved with kayaking may include mostly diving – a recreational activity in which the diver is going to paddle the kayak to reach a site. While kayaking, one needs to carry their gears if someone wants to dive.

Kayak can also be used for fishing, particularly any small or mid-sized fish. It can easily run-on shallow waters where generally any boats cannot be operated. Kayaks are quite healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport and also more affordable than any motorized boat.

Nowadays, therefore, kayaks are becoming popular means of ecotourism, and particularly for the area where there is warm water like in Tenerife, their uses are very common.  Kayakers can watch dolphins and turtles where there is shallow bays water. Kayaking in Tenerife will always be preferred and considered to be the best water sport.

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