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10 Most Romantic Beaches in Bali

Bali is one of the most breathtaking locations in the world, and that is perfect for one to rest and relax. One can blend with nature in its purest form in Bali. The place is also home to several stunningly appealing beaches. Listed below are the 10 most romantic beaches in Bali,

    1. Blue Point Beach
    2. Lovina Beach
    3. Bias Tugel Beach
    4. Sanur Beach
    5. Blue Lagoon Beach
    6. Kuta Beach
    7. Balangan Beach
    8. Dreamland Beach
  1. Geger Beach
  2. Seminyak Beach

  • Blue Point Beach

Blue Point Beach in Bali is a wonderfully stunning beach that is perfect for one to visit. This is a perfect getaway location for all anyone who wants to experience a hassle-free ambience, lay back and relax. The deep blue ocean and the surrounding mountain invites people and is a great choice of beach for couples. Blue Point Beach can be considered one of the most romantic beaches in Bali. In addition to being the beautiful beach in Bali, this beach also serves as an ultimate destination for surfers as well. The beauty of this beach is heaven personified and can be visited on your Bali packages for couple.

  • Lovina Beach

Known for being the resort area in Bali, Lovina Beach is one of the hidden gems that is a perfectly tailored beach for couples. Lovina beach is a perfect beach for all the people who wish to have a unique beach experience in Bali. Lovina beach has black sands, clear water, coral reefs and more. Some of the beach activities to do at Lovina Beach include snorkelling and diving. Aside from these activities, one can do the exciting thing of going on a dolphin tour, where one can witness the adorable dolphins up close. The beach is also perfect for one to have a nicely lit romantic dinner with your partner.


  • Bias Tugel Beach

Commonly known as Pantai Bias Tugel, is one of the smallest beaches in Bali. This is one of the stunningly alluring beaches that is best-suitable for a romantic getaway. This is a white sand beach with deep turquoise water, surrounded by amazing cliffs. This beach is supported by the breathtaking natural sceneries that would make one’s day. One can witness the serene atmosphere on the beach. Once visited, one can not take their heart away from here. The Bias Tugel Beach is the best place for a couple to visit and experience. This is a picture-perfect location that must not be missed.

  • Sanur Beach

For its calm and unique vibe, Sanur Beach is one of the most frequented beaches in Bali. Sanur offers several beaches for one to choose from. This beach has inviting aesthetics and one would find the spot they vibe with, here. Sanur Beaches are clean and the water here gives one a calming vibe. Once visited, the beaches and the surroundings will become an instant favourite to the visitors. Swimming, snorkelling, jet skiing, surfing and more. Sanur Beach is one of the best romantic beaches in Bali. This string of beaches is the perfect romantic destination for relaxing and chilling. 


  • Blue Lagoon Beach

The Blue Lagoon Beach is one of the breathtaking beaches in Bali that is perfect for a romantic escape. The Blue Lagoon Beach etches into one’s memory with its charming aesthetics. The clean turquoise water, along with the calming cliffs surrounding the beach gives one serene vibe. This is a perfect beach for one to relax and lay back. The beach has yet another world to offer that must not be missed. The underwater experience from Blue Lagoon Beach is a transportation to another world. And the best way to explore this world is through snorkelling. The corals, colourful fishes and sea life will make it hard for one to leave the place.


  • Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach has become one of the staple beaches in Bali in recent times. This beach has become a crowd-puller and is one of the most popular choices among many travellers. One of the iconic things about this beach is the famous sunset that enchants everyone. And sunset here with your partner is heaven. This beach is also perfect for activities like surfing, swimming, sunbathing and more. More importantly, Kuta Beach is a great place for couples to take a stroll or just hang out. Become a part of the experience by visiting Kuta Beach in Bali. Get ready to experience the authentic beach in Bali.


  • Balangan Beach

To experience the scenic views that take one’s breath away, visit Balangan Beach in Bali. With the golden sands and the turquoise water set the scene, this beach makes the perfect location for a couple to have quality time together. Commonly known as the Pantai Balangan, Balangan Beach is a great beach for surfing. The alluring cliffs along with the sea breeze atmosphere sets up the aesthetics for the ideal beach choice for couples. This beach is also a great place for activities including swimming and surfing. On the other hand, Balangan Beach is also a great place to just lay back, relax and sunbathe.

  • Dreamland Beach

As the name suggests, this is one of the most romantic beaches in Bali that must not be missed. Officially called the New Kuta Beach, this Dreamland Beach is one of the perfect beaches in Bali for a couple. The beach is one of the great places to spend your time with a loved one and one can do it with an amazingly stunning view while doing it. This beach also has a perfect sunset that must not be missed. One can take a stroll hand in hand with your partner on this beach with the rays from the beautiful sunset reflecting upon you. This is also a great spot for surfing and it can be enjoyed by couples.  


  • Geger Beach

Geger Beach is considered one of the hidden treasures of Bali. Located in Nusa Dua, Geger Beach is often overlooked by the presence of Nusa Dua Beach. Geger Beach is a secluded beach, that offers the most alluring aesthetics one can ask for. The place has the perfect setting for visitors who seeks rest and relaxation. One can peacefully rest and sunbathe on the beach or take a stroll in this calm and collected setting. The crystal-clear water presented in front of you is a treat to look at. This is also a perfect spot for swimming and surfing activities. 


  • Seminyak Beach

To have an ultimate beach experience, visiting Seminyak Beach is the ideal choice. The beach is often regarded as one of the ‘fashionable beachs’ in Bali and for a good reason. The beach is home to several fashion boutiques, resorts and dining spots that make this beach unique. The bean bag chair experience is one of the popular attributes of this beach. Sunset here is a sight that must not be missed. This beach is a perfect spot for couples to hang out and bond. Seminyak Beach differs from other beaches in Bali due to its upscale nature. Visiting this beach gives one a complete sense of experience.

Get ready to have a delightful experience with these romantic beaches in Bali. One can get the experience of a lifetime here.


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